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Written by on June 13, 2019

Everything was definitely alright at the Dean Lewis showcase organized by Universal Music. The setting was intimate and cosy at the scape tree top with complimentary drinks to set the mood.

The Australian singer was cute and casual making light-hearted conversations with the audience before every song. He gave the audience some fun facts about his music saying that he wrote the song “7 minutes” in an Uber with the girl he was seeing at the time as his inspiration for the lyrics.

It was nice to see the crowd singing along and genuinely smiling at every word sung for their relatability. A fan even got the chance to present to him a little cartoon drawing she did specially for him. Dean then dedicated one of the songs to the lucky fan for her thoughtful fan art.

It was obvious that he had a hold on the room with his down to earth personality and deep blue eyes that had everyone hooked. Although the showcase was short lived with him performing about 7 songs, the audience was treated to a performance of the song “straight back down” that dean admitted he had never performed live before.

The cherry on top of the whole night was when Dean was presented a gold plaque award highlighting the success of his album ‘a place we knew’ in Singapore. Dean was overwhelmed and promised he would be back in Singapore for an entire concert soon! With the small room being filled with so much warmth and fuzziness that night, I am sure a whole concert venue would appreciate that amount of emotion too. We hope to catch Dean Lewis live in Singapore again soon!

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