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Campus Invasion: Greyson Chance, De Fam and Darren Espanto

It was a rainy, Thursday afternoon. The unsuspecting good people of Ngee Ann Polytechnic never expected that they would have a chance to see Greyson Chance, Darren Espanto and DeFam in flesh, but oh yes they did, all thanks to Radio Heatwave and Universal Music.


Dedicated Enchancers, Darrenatics and fans of De Fam started queuing up outside LT51B at 2pm, when we were only due to start in 2 hours.


Mr Harry Corro, lecturer from the School of Film & Media Studies and overall in charge of Radio Heatwave, kick started the jam packed day by giving a lecture to the fans on press conference etiquette, informing them why and how a press conference is conducted. When asked what make believe media organisation they were representing, we were slightly surprised but pleased to find out that we had Vogue Italia, Buzzfeed, National Geographic and ABS-CBN from the Philippines in our midst.


These creative fans didn’t have to wait much longer before Darren Espanto and DeFam glided into our humble Lecture Theatre to the clapping and cheering of our audience.

13483126_1212480318784744_5412942353615816158_oDarren Espanto and De Fam answering questions from their fans.”

Grinning like a schoolboy and radiating like a beam of light, Darren Espanto showcased his vocal prowess during “Home”, dropping some jaws and Darrenatics looked on, beaming with pride at their nation’s little star. He impressed us further by sportingly getting out of his seat and dancing and singing to Starlight.


PowerPuff girls – but an upgraded Diva Edition, would be appropriate for DeFam. Cik Manggis made us laugh by showing us their pre-show routine, bubbling while squatting up and down, and it looked like an upgraded version of the snorkeling move. Rapper Sophia rapped while jogging on the spot and continued rapping with a fan on Snapchat all the way to the lift. (@hannaraihanaa on ig)

As Azria claimed to be Beyonce from Destiny’s Child, I can only agree that they ARE gorgeous Divas. (Quote Beyonce: “A Diva is the female version of a hustler~~”)


Courteous fans showed so much love to Darren and DeFam, showing that music transcends age or language.


After Darren and De Fam moved to the radio studio for an interview, long and lean Greyson Chance decked out in all black arrived at the LT, to the gasps and unified OMGs from Enchancers.


His big green eyes sparkled as he shook hands and fist bumped every fan in the room, even taking a seat in the 3rd last row. He even jokingly asked for the cheat sheet to the test.


Standing throughout the press conference, he shared his thoughts on graduating high school (super pumped about it), the stories behind each track on his new ep, Somewhere Over My Head, and on the recent Orlando shooting. Receiving a Spiderman figurine from our Programme Manager, Ameer, Greyson spilled that he doesn’t watch superhero movies anymore as he felt for taxpayers who had to rebuild the city after its’ been destroyed.

 13416765_1212978668734909_5697205249211638950_oGreyson Chance showing off his new toy.”

At the end of the press conference, he slipped his bum in between the rows for a quick photo and was engulfed by his fans but his smile never went away. Enchancers gathered outside the glass of our studio during the interview and lucky ones got to meet him in a M&G.


Saying that he appreciates all his fans would be an understatement as he listened intently to Patricia who revealed how much his music has impacted her life and relentlessly posed and signed and signed and posed for Snapchats, selfies, bags and even a fetus poster of himself in which he had no idea how to react to.


P.S. we’ll let you know when RHW’s going to Oklahoma. You owe us a good fried chicken meal.

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