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In Cinemas: 11 June 2015 Rating: PG13 Humans never learn. You would think that after almost getting eaten up and having their cities destroyed

In Cinemas: 28 April 2015 Rating: NC16 Pats on back, because on 28 April 2015, I conquered my fears (okay, not really) and willingly went to watch a horror movie. Radio Heatwave was given a pair of media passes by sponsors United International Pictures (Singapore) to catch the preview of UNFRIENDED, the latest teenage horror […]

In Cinemas: 23 April 2015 Rating: PG13 Hands down the movie I had been waiting for the ENTIRE year.

First thing’s first (I’m the realest), I must say that Unlucky Plaza was nothing that I expected it to be. In a good way.

In Cinemas: 3 April 2015 Rating: PG13 For someone who has never actually followed the Fast & Furious series,

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