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DJ GRYFFIN Soaring High


Upcoming Electronic Dance Music (EDM) musician, Dan Griffith, more commonly known as GRYFFIN, who came to Singapore to perform at the Ultra Music Festival 2016, tells us about his latest ventures and ...

Take Two at A Time

Take Two

“Sanctify, all you have thought, tendencies collide,” the vocalist pulls the last note and smashes it down with all the subtlety of an explosion. The crowd roars its approval, as the twin guitars reve...

Take Heart Tour 2016

This Friday (July 22), pop quartet The Sam Willows will be headlining their first full concert to a crowd of more than 3,000 at The Coliseum at Resorts World Sentosa. This concert will not only be ...

The Vamps + The Tide in NP

Kimberley I have only 3 words to summarise what happened: What a day. When Calvin, Radio Heatwave’s current General Manager, sent me a text saying that they wanted me to interview The Vamps and

OOOMY: Registration Now Open!

We are proud to announce Originals Only Open Mics for Youth, or better known as OOOMY! Do you envision singing covers to a crowd? Or your own original songs? Well, OOOMY is a great opportunity for