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Written by on July 17, 2018

It’s unbelievable to think that it has been more than a decade since Chris Daughtry first appeared on American Idol. It’s even more unbelievable to think that he didn’t even win the competition and yet, he’s been putting out music ever since he formed his self-titled band. They finally came back to Singapore to share more of their incredible music in support of their upcoming album Cage to Rattle.

When we first entered the Zepp@Bigbox, we were greeted with an atmosphere of elation and joy. Concertgoers surrounded us, holding their drinks from the refreshment bar and chatting away with excitement, streaming into the concert venue. Honestly, we were surprised at the amount of Daughtry faithful at the venue, rock really isn’t that big in Singapore.

As the lights dimmed, fans waited in great anticipation. This was it, Daughtry’s return to Singapore since they last performed at a gig in 2014 in conjunction with Ion Orchard’s fifth anniversary celebrations and at their concert with the Singapore F1 Grand Prix in 2010, eight years ago. Too long ago.

The band starts playing, and with an electrifying strum of his guitar, Chris Daughtry runs out on stage for the opening act, Just Found Heaven. We were in awe, as his strong and familiar voice echoed through the concert venue and captivated us with the immense raw talent he had to show the world.

Every song took the audience back in time. We listened and felt the journey and evolution of Daughtry’s music, reminiscing their songs of yesteryear. Daughtry took us through the night with songs like Home (2006), September (2009), Waiting for Superman (2013), and even featuring his latest release; Deep End (2018). These songs were the highlights of the night for us as it brought a great sentimental value of nostalgia. It was undeniably one of the most enjoyable concerts we’ve ever been to.

Besides their own songs, they even performed their own rendition of With or Without You by U2 (one of Shayanne’s personal favourites!). Accompanied by his extremely talented band on the keyboard, guitars and the drums, Chris Daughtry delivered an absolutely spellbinding performance, that moved us deeply.

Alas, all good things must come to an end. Daughtry ended off the concert with their cover of Prince’s iconic Purple Rain. A beautiful close to a mesmerising night.


A huge thank you to IMC Live for the opportunity to catch Daughtry Live in Singapore!

Written by: Shayanne Chang and Adam Wan

Edited by: Yin Yun Tan

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