Fifth Harmony – They Were Definitely “Worth It”

Written by on May 26, 2017

 Sledgehammer, Miss Movin’ On, Worth It.

Those were a few of the popular songs Fifth Harmony performed at The Star Theatre, The Star Performing Arts Centre, as part of their 7/27 Tour on 8 April 2017.

DJs Gerald Koh and Natasha Faisal from 987FM were the hosts of the show, and hyped audience members up with giveaways and cheers before Fifth Harmony took the stage.

The girls opened the concert with That’s My Girl, decked out in fabulously bright red outfits, entering from the back of the stage with much fanfare from the audience. As Singapore was Fifth Harmony’s last stop for the Asian leg of the tour, they proclaimed that we were “obligated to be the loudest”.


And truth be told, the audience was so loud you could probably hear them from outside the theatre. There’s a certain charm about girl groups like Fifth Harmony, that seems to make people feel good when they perform…. wait for it… in harmony.

Everyone in the theatre was on their feet throughout the performance, jamming along to the powerful vocals of Fifth Harmony. There was a fan who held up a sign with lights that says, “Your notes are higher than my grades”, which was noticed by Normani, who then complimented the fan on her wit and humour.

One of the obvious fan favourites was Write on Me, as fans went bonkers when the girls sat down and eased in with the first verse of the song. One admirable thing about them is their ability to engage the crowd no matter if they are standing, seating or just walking across the stage sassily; not an easy feat. And let’s talk about the riffs. They were literally pitch-perfect.

photo_2017-04-12_20-12-12 (2)

Someone in the crowd also threw a Singapore flag and a rainbow pride flag on stage, which was they waved proudly in the air, which was an extremely heartwarming moment.

The audience members were even engaged in a mini game by Fifth Harmony, where the theatre was divided into two halves, and everyone had to compete with each other by screaming as loud as they could. At one point, they even invited two little twins – Sadie and Aila – on stage to sing with them, which totally melted everyone’s hearts.

Fifth Harmony ended the concert with Work From Home, which is their most-streamed song on Spotify. The girls bid the crowd goodbye when the song ended. The thunderous applause drowned out their voices, and they looked beyond grateful to be able to perform in Singapore.

“Without you, we’d still be little girls with big dreams at home,” Normani said, before the girls left the stage as the house lights came on.

Written by: Foo Wee San 


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