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Written by on June 21, 2018

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The Republic of Singapore Yacht Club welcomed our Radio Heatwave jocks to their annual Commodore’s Day celebrations, and we definitely had a splashing good time! From swimming with mermaids to jumping off tall water blob towers, you could say we’ve had a pretty adventurous day.

As we entered the premises of the Yacht Club, we were greeted by carnival festivities which got us all drooling with ecstasy, as the widespread of food and drinks shone in the bright sun. Beyond that, the lively atmosphere was absolutely bursting with energy, which got us all pumped up for the many exciting activities in store for us.

What’s a yacht club without boats? We started off the day by hopping onto a speedboat, nicknamed Safyna, and had a relaxing yet thrilling ride through the fresh, clean waters of Singapore’s ocean.

Our hearts were pumping with adrenaline as we got comfy in our life jackets.  We made our way to a floating water blob which was about two and a half levels high. Proper safety guidelines were reinforced before we began the activity. We took turns launching our fellow jocks and being launched off into mid-air then crashing with a big splash. Without a doubt one of the most thrilling experiences for us jocks.

Erwin taking the Aquajet Challenge!

Three of our braver jocks, Afdhal, Kate and Erwin took part in the Aquajet Challenge. They were required to travel across to the opposite end of the pool, grab a keychain from a person and travel back, passing the keychain to another person at the starting line. However, they didn’t have to put in an effort to swim thanks to a mechanism called the Aquajet where the jocks held it underwater below their torso and by toggling a button on, an automated blade spins and propels them forward.

Next came the Water Mat challenge where everyone participated including our very own Social Media Manager, Raymond! In pairs or trios, the objective was to again retrieve a keychain at the end of the mat and return it to a crew at the starting point.

Did we mention that all of these occurs on a floating mat in the pool?

There would only be a winner for each round of the challenge. One of our energetic and competitive jocks, Shayanne, surprised us all when she resiliently competed and clinched the ultimate prize: a one-night complimentary stay at the Republic of Singapore Yacht Club!

Finally, we enjoyed a relaxing dip in the pool as we admired the picturesque golden hour. Undeniably, one of the best ways to end off our day of exhausting yet thrilling activities!

A huge shout out to the Republic of Singapore Yacht Club for allowing us to be part of this memorable event!


Written by: Erwin Shah, Mohamed Afdhal & Chang Shayanne

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