Harry Styles Back In Singapore

Written by on May 21, 2018

So…. Lushington Entertainment hooked us up with tickets to catch British pop-rock star Harry Styles again. 🙂

It started with a blistering performance by American Indie Rock band, Warpaint, which performed some songs from their latest album, Heads Up. Flashing, multi-coloured strobe lights, lushly-harmonic rock songs and catchy beats which got the audience hyped up, it was really quite a challenge to not sway and dance to the beat of their songs!

Following the opening act, the lights in the stadium were dimmed and a visual of a caricaturised Harry Styles solving a Rubik’s cube appeared on the screen above the stage. Fans waited in anticipation with their phones held up in the air for the star to show up, despite his late arrival. Eventually, a familiar tune reverberated around the stadium and a spotlight shone from the back of the stage, forming a silhouette of Harry Styles. It was in this very moment that everyone in the audience starting going wild, for they identified one of the classics, “Only Angel”, from his album, and of course, the very loved, Harry Styles blowing double-handed air kisses. Clad in a metallic gold, frilly shirt and tapered black pants, he was undoubtedly dressed in his distinctive style, fit for all the prancing on stage.

He ended the first song with his back facing the audience, and his arms spread high in the air, leaving fans swooning over his irresistible charm. “Woman”, another rock classic was sung next and his four-piece band, which possessed impeccable harmonising abilities, added a powerful punch to the already catchy song. Switching up the ambience, he went on to perform one of his slower, more nostalgic tracks, “Ever Since New York”. The wistful lyrics and his soulful vocals created a subdued atmosphere, but Styles expertly brought the energy level back up by conversing with the audience.

“I have one job tonight and that is to entertain you, and I promise you I’ll do my very best. You also have one job and that is to have the best time you possibly can, please feel free to be whoever you want to be in this room tonight.”, he said charismatically, once again leaving the audience in a frenzy.

“Two Ghosts” and “Carolina” were performed next, prior to which he got the audience to sing and dance along with him.

In addition to the 10 songs on his album, he sang a few others originally written by him, one of it being a song he had given to pop sensation, Ariana Grande, “Just a Little Bit of your Heart”. Ardent One Direction fans were absolutely euphoric when he started singing “Stockholm Syndrome” along with “If I Could Fly” and “What Makes You Beautiful” in the second half of the concert.

An indubitable favourite of mine, “Sweet Creature”, was performed on the second stage, allowing lucky fans at the back of the stadium to enjoy an unrestricted view of the warm-hearted performance. Phone flashlights illuminated the entire room like a sea of stars, when he performed his debut single, “Sign of the Times”. It was a magical moment that was shared by all in the audience, myself and YY included.

Despite not being officially released singles, the impressively enthusiastic crowd sang along to new tracks such as, “Anna” and “Medicine”. Towards the end, Styles incorporated some rock ’n’ roll by covering Fleetwood Mac’s, “The Chain”. He got the us all excited for the cover with a few brief but notable sentences; “For the next 5 minutes I need you dancing like there is nobody next to you, you’re not going to see these people tomorrow…are you with me?”

Before ending off the night with the absolute banger, “Kiwi”, the rock star walked around the stage, waving to fans cheering in all sections of the stadium. The crowd zealously sang along, for the last time, to the energetic, raunchy track.

Thank you Lushington Entertainment for this great opportunity to watch Harry Styles perform live!

Written By: Roshni Idnani
Edited By: Raymond Teoh

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