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RadioHeatwave is Singapore's first campus radio station, with well-known alumni such as Jean Danker, Vernetta Lopez, Justin Ang, Sonia Chew and many more.

We are a youth-led campus radio station, which aims to provide Ngee Ann Polytechnic students with great music and programmes from Mondays to Fridays, 9am to 6pm.

With a state-of-the-art LIVE radio studio similar to MediaCorp's, our listeners (17 - 25 years old) can tune in to our station through our school’s intranet or down at the Atrium, a popular campus hang-out site.



"The People Behind The Voices"

Kimberley-Ann Tan
Kimberley has been 1D & Bieber af since her lower secondary school days, and isn’t ashamed about her fangirl side at all. Follow her on Twitter (@kimthawesome) or Youtube (youtube.com/satzy24) to see it for yourselves (she blames it on The Jonas Brothers and High School Musical).

Besides fangirling, Kimberley loves spending time with her friends, family (dog included) and boyfriend (#janberley). Music has been her passion ever since her ballet career failed (still can’t do a split) in primary school. She has also been a member of The Girls’ Brigade for 11 years (ever since she joined in primary 2) and currently serves as a Warrant Officer (which means the girls have to greet her as ma’am!!!).

If there’s vegetable stuck in your teeth or make-up smudged all over your face, no need to fear, because Kimberley is that one friend who will let you know the moment she sees it.

Unashamed of how goofy her face and voice can be sometimes, Kimberley will always be there for you if you need a laugh or two. She does pretty good impressions of people too. Come hang out with her on The Breakfast Club, everyday from 10AM-12PM!

Tammy Alysha Lui
Unlike most people who fantasise about finding their true love or being wealthy and successful, Tammy’s biggest fantasy consists of her swinging from rooftop to rooftop in a mask as a superhero. Specifically Batgirl. Specifically in the purple suit. That’s the ultimate dream.

However, with the athletic prowess of a pencil, Tammy lives this fantasy instead by crying over television shows about heroes and zombies. (She’s an emotional wreck over The Flash.) A 19-year-old who refuses to grow up, Tammy is the one to ask about your favourite childhood shows and games because she can talk about them for HOURS.

Never did she think that she would end up at Heatwave. Her ambitions have changed with age, from being a cheerleader to a secret agent to the ultimate Eevee trainer... Glad to say, she finally has her heart set on taking up journalism and becoming the editor of a magazine one day. Of course, perhaps a radio deejay wouldn't be too bad either.

See how she fares at 10AM-12PM every morning on The Breakfast Club. (Please be kind.)
Edmund Wong
There are two things that best describes this young man. Football and Music.

This Music Director’s got a knack for the balls and the beats. Why if only they had a studio filled with footballs...

Edmund might seem unapproachable at first due to his default “fierce” look, but once you get to know him better, he’ll crack you up with his crazy antics.

Having worked at Starbucks before, service is at his fingertips and he’ll be hoping to provide the good ol’ service for the station and for you.

Sip your morning Starbucks with him every morning on The Breakfast Club from 10AM-12PM.
Joshua Taylor Ee
Joshua Taylor is someone that comes off as quirky, a little random, really casual, and all out passionate.

Having a flair for the local music scene, you'll notice him plugged in most of the time and enjoying some indie tunes. Sometimes, if he's feeling rich, he'll be penning down delicate thoughts behind cafe windows. He enjoys taking time to express the intangibles - personalities, soulfulness and emotions. And when he's not with his pen and paper (and earphones), he's sitting with a bunch of misfits, enjoying how the whole concept of time fades into the background. For a people person like him, quality time with others is what makes life worth living. To spend long nights out with his favorite people and treasuring every bit of his fiery youth.

Get to know Joshua Taylor on The Breakfast Club, every morning from 10AM-12PM.


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"The Hottest Happenings On Heatwave"

The buzz on the newest releases, hottest artists and most exciting concerts!

21 April 2015
21 April 2015
Written by: Michelle Lee
Photos by: Michelle Lee, Dan Walsh

"You are family - The Script Family."

On Tuesday, 21 April, three Dubliners known as The Script graced the stage at the Singapore Indoor Stadium as part of the 2014-2015 No Sound Without Silence tour. They performed familiar tunes to a multitude of dedicated followers, ranging from their debut to their latest (fourth) album, the latter being what the tour is named after.

Starting off the night right was Colton Avery, a singer/songwriter from Phoenix, Arizona. Having toured Europe with the band, he charmed the audience with his raw passion, accompanied by just his guitar.

Avery was followed by local indie-folk band The Sam Willows, who gave the fans a sneak peak of their new album recently recorded in Sweden. The quartet finished off a remarkable set with an original loved and known by many, Glasshouse...

5 April 2015
5 April 2015
Written by: Joshua Taylor Ee
Photos by: Grizzle Grind Crew

The Grizzle Grind Crew (GGC) was formed in 2013, with a mission to push the boundaries of Hip-Hop culture and lifestyle in Singapore. They are made up of passionate and talented individuals - Rappers, Turntablists, Beat-boxers, Singers, Photographers, Filmmakers and Designers.

They had their second anniversary party at *SCAPE, The Ground Theatre on April 5, 7pm - 12am. I stood at the back, with an aerial view of the whole arena. It was 30 mins before the start of the show and over 100 fans had already filled the place.

The stage crew was making their final rounds. “I’ve never seen such an elaborate set up,” said event organiser, Daniel Lim.

And then, the lights dimmed...

14 January 2015
14 January 2015
Written by: Joel Ng
Photos by: Anthology

Usually on wednesdays, people wish for the weekend. However on that uneventful wednesday, we were just wishing for the end of the day. Why? BECAUSE YELLOWCARD that’s why! Arriving just on time for the meet and greet, we rushed in and got to meet the amazing Ryan Key, Josh Portman, Sean Mackin and Ryan Mendez. Despite being jetlagged and having an upcoming performance, the band still exuded warmth and friendliness! What a band! Having meeted and greeted Yellowcard, we all went back to queue for entry, clutching our freshly signed paraphernalia (Regin even got her laptop signed!).

The concert itself was an awesome experience both visually and aurally as everyone in the band had so much energy and stage presence! And props to Sean Mackin, who played on despite having technical difficulties with his violin (You da MVP). One of the best moments in the concert was when Ryan Keys sang a song, California, alone on the piano for his wife, Alyona Alekhina, who was in the hospital back in the states. It was tear-jerking to hear the emotion laid bare in his voice. Yellowcard then ended the concert on a high note with their hit song Ocean Avenue, which had us singing along at the top of our lungs. It was truly a night to remember.

We’d like to thank Anthology Singapore for providing us with passes to the Yellowcard event!

8 December 2014
8 December 2014
Written by: Michelle Lee
Photos by: Michelle Lee

The day of 5 December saw six Youtube artistes, local and international, come together as one to put up a show that was both intimate and diverse.

Hours before the performance, young fans lined up outside The Coliseum, Hard Rock Hotel, eager to get the best view of their idols. Despite the one-hour delay, spirits remained high.

The show commenced with a short modern-ballet solo piece. Although pleasant to watch and her technique was undoubtedly brilliant, it seemed a tad out of place amongst the rest of the acts. But the mood was not dampened as mood remained rapturous for the oncoming performances.

On to the performances! NoonTalk artiste Gavin Teo got the ball rolling. Shy and unassuming, his gentle voice floated through the enchanted crowd as the guitar seemed to strum itself effortlessly.

Gavin’s exit welcomed JA’s entrance. The Swedish duo Jonas and Anton, known as JA, are both only 16 year old but their stage presence packed a punch beyond the age. Voices and harmony blended naturally as their chemistry was evident. Many times, Jonas would look over at Anton and his face would break into a grin. Slightly awkward and largely adorable, they surely won over the crowd’s hearts.

As Nathan Hartono joined the duo in a song, the whole stage lit up in frenzy. This is one man who knows how to rock and own the stage. The audience fed off his energy and he looked like he is having all the fun in the world. One is guaranteed to feel wonderful after watching Nathan do what he loves to do.

Tanner Patrick took the stage and the crowd went wild – but went even wilder when he jumped off the stage (four times in one night, I might add) and started giving high-fives to unsuspecting fans. The security guards grabbed on to him, ensuring his safety. From the joy in his eyes, it was obvious how much he appreciates and loves interacting with his fans.

Without a prior word, Tiffany Alvord launched into her first song, strutting around the stage with subtle sass. When she tripped, she looked embarrassed for a millisecond but recovered in an instant. It was particularly entertaining when she threw on a pair of pink glasses and sang a duet with her brother, Trevin, complete with funky moves.

The finale was a treat. A surprise was when a birthday cake and balloons were presented to Tiffany, and everybody sang Happy Birthday. For a moment it felt like we were all hiding in her living room executing a Surprise Birthday plan. Tanner gave her a rainbow-coloured stuffed toy and the Taffy ship-name chant began.

After the finale, the lights dimmed and a video started to play. What nobody knew was that the artistes would return to the stage for a finale…part two! The crowd had decreased in size but that did not stop anyone from singing their hearts out. At last, they left the stage, but not before expressing their thanks and gratitude for the audience. And we’re similarly thankful for the visual and aural treat as well!

The most thrilling, heart-wrenching and hilarious movies to hit the big screen!

28 April 2015
28 April 2015
Written by: Tammy Alysha Lui
Photos by: TurnTheRightCorner.com, FatMovieGuy.com

In Cinemas: 28 April 2015
Rating: NC16

Pats on back, because on 28 April 2015, I conquered my fears (okay, not really) and willingly went to watch a horror movie. Radio Heatwave was given a pair of media passes by sponsors United International Pictures (Singapore) to catch the preview of UNFRIENDED, the latest teenage horror flick to hit the cinemas. Thanks guys!

Due to my lack of experience watching horror movies, I’m certainly no expert. Nevertheless, I have to say that UNFRIENDED has a different element from other movies that made it suspenseful yet entertaining. Unlike typical horror movies that take place in a dimly lit house with decades and centuries of being cursed and whatnot, UNFRIENDED took place completely on something very relatable to me - via Skype, Facebook, and on a Macbook.

The story revolves around teenage drama that all students are used to. Quick breakdown of the plot: these 6 teenagers on the Skype call somehow contributed to the suicide of Laura Barns, who is back on her death anniversary for revenge. This is a scenario that actually is possible (well, not the supernatural part), as we all know that teenage suicide and cyberbullying are real situations that take place in society. Apart from this, the movie also included things like cheating on your bf/gf, drug trafficking etc.

One of the reasons why I managed to sit through this entire movie is the fact that there was comedy injected into the plot, such as certain iTunes music playing at inappropriate moments when something bad was going to happen. Instead of the audience fearing for their lives that Laura Barns was going to get them, they chuckled. Another thing that I have to note about this movie is that the jump scares are toned down a lot. I have watched movies where you can actually physically see the ghost constantly appearing. For this movie, you hardly see Laura, which makes her appearances even more impactful.

Of course, we have our horror movie cliches in this film as well. I don’t understand why people just cannot stay away when others tell them to not provoke the ghost! Don’t do something because it will kill you, don’t do something because it will kill you, don’t do something because it will k- oh wait, that guy just contacted the ghost. The whole cinema groaned. I could even hear some literal facepalms. (Including my own ugh)

I wouldn’t say that UNFRIENDED was the best movie that I’ve ever watched, but I can say that it certainly was entertaining. For horror junkies out that who are sick of the same formula being used time and time again, perhaps UNFRIENDED would be something to try out.

14 April 2015
14 April 2015
Written by: Kimberley-Ann Tan
Photos by: Klix Photography

In Cinemas: 16 April 2015
Rating: M18

First thing’s first (I’m the realest), I must say that Unlucky Plaza was nothing that I expected it to be. In a good way.

Written and directed by Ken Kwek, Unlucky Plaza stars Adrian Pang, Judee Tan, Guo Liang, Shane Mardjuki and Filipino actor Epi Quizon. Onassis Hernandez (played by Epi Quizon), was once the proud owner of Singapore’s most popular Filipino diner. But a food poisoning scandal triggered by a disgruntled cook left him on the brink of bankruptcy. After things are made worse by a financial scam, Onassis loses it. He takes a group of people hostage in a millionaire’s bungalow, sparking an international outcry after the crisis was captured on video.

So what makes Unlucky Plaza stand out from other local films? Well, if you’re aware of Ken and his previous works (Porn Masala, Sex.Violence.FamilyValues), you would know that he doesn't hold back and gives his 101% in everything he does...

3 April 2015
3 April 2015
Written by: Tammy Lui
Photos by: Fast & Furious Official Website (fastandfurious7film.com)

In Cinemas: 3 April 2015
Rating: PG13

For someone who has never actually followed the Fast & Furious series, I went into the cinema with my doubts and mild interest. Sure, the cars falling out of the plane looked very thrilling, and that little bit of humor did make me giggle (a bit), but with all the boobs and just too much testosterone in the trailer, I was not 100% impressed.

However, in an unexpected turn of events, I surprisingly really enjoyed FF7.

The movie starts off with British villain Deckard Shaw (played by Jason Statham), seeking revenge over the Fast and Furious squad for putting his FF6 villain brother Owen Shaw (played by Luke Evans) in a coma. The Fast and Furious squad, as I like to call them (#squadgoals), is forced to take down Deckard as their last mission before retiring from all the action and settling down. A deal with an organization to take down Shaw gets the squad caught in even more trouble, which endangers their lives even more.

Being primarily an action movie, the action sequences – including deadly car chases, cars jumping out of planes, buildings collapsing with main characters rushing to escape etc. – were everywhere. Despite the tension in these action scenes, the director was sure to inject some humour to make everything more lighthearted and a bit easier for first-timers like myself to watch. The script was peppered with jokes and comedy, notably provided by characters like Roman Pearce (played by Tyrese Gibson) and even Hobbs (played by Dwayne Johnson).

A movie is nothing if it lacks a riveting plot, and FF7 knew that very well. There were moments that tugged at my heartstrings, particularly the angsty moments between Dominic Toretto (played by Vin Diesel) and his wife Letty Ortiz (played by Michelle Rodrigues). Of course, everyone would probably agree with me that the biggest tearjerker was the tribute to the late Paul Walker, who passed away while filming this movie, the seventh installment of an 11-year series.

But fear not, faithful FF followers, I can assure you that you will be very pleased with how the director tied up the film as well as Paul’s farewell. My only bit of criticism would have to be the depth of most of the characters. Apart from Dom and Brian whom the movie centralized most on, the rest of the characters seemed to be sidelined, even overshadowed and forgotten amidst the action. I would have loved to see more Roman, or even more of the new chick, Ramsey (played by Nathalie Emmanuel).

Overall, FF7 was quite enjoyable, and definitely a movie to catch if you are a fan of explosions, sweet rides, and jokes that buuurrrrnnn. Thank you NBC Universal for inviting us for the preview screening of Fast & Furious 7 and for being such hospitable hosts at the event! I will definitely be binge watching Fast & Furious the next time I get the chance to!

The need-to-know about the most happening events in Singapore!

21 March 2015
21 March 2015
Written by: Tammy Alysha Lui
Photos by: Klix Photography

There are many types of people in this world. There are the athletes – the early risers who get up before sunrise for that refreshing morning jog, and the partygoers – a breed of nocturnal creatures who roll into bed at sunrise after a night of dancing and way too many shots. I, for one, fall under neither of the two categories. With that said, the Vibe Beach Sports & Music Festival was undoubtedly something very different for me.

Be it soccer, beach volleyball or the ever-so-tiring Zumba, Vibe had it all. The Vibe Beach Sports & Music Festival took place at Sentosa’s Siloso Beach, and was the first event of its kind to ever be held in Singapore. “A celebration of the dynamism of both sports and music”, as festival project director David Thomas referred it to, both elements of which he said were “natural complements to one another”. Now wasn’t that a brilliant idea?...