India’s Gathering – Legend of Vyas Reviewed

Written by on August 20, 2015

At first glance, Legend of Vyas doesn’t strike anyone as something strikingly unique, other than the fact that it’s based off the Indian Mahabharat mythology. There have been tons of mythology based card games, but few have been able to be as complex, yet simple as Legend of Vyas. The game uses a standard turn-based system that should be easy to grasp for even the newest of newcomers. Each player then places his default starting lineup – one for each hero – on the table. They then draw five cards to remain in their hand. From there, the mayhem commences. Players can roll ‘energy’ from three four sided die, and with that energy they can summon cards that meet the energy requirements. This throws the players immediately into the heat of battle, as opposed to other games where the energy (or mana) is progressively accumulated as the game ensues. This makes for very quick decision making and strategies, as opposed to the long winded master plan other games make sure you do. The cards also add a lot of variety into how you play the game, from the formation cards that let you prioritize your warriors, to the astras that can deal crushing damage to your opponents at one go.

The lore is also another factor as to what makes this game so unique – and special. Indian mythology has been around for the longest time, but not much has been done to expand it’s reach past the locals who heard the stories before bedtime. If you look at other cultures: Greek, Nordic and even Egyptian, there are internationalized games, movies and books tailored to them, and it sparks a lot of interest into the culture. As far as the Indian culture goes, Legend of Vyas does a really good job in depicting the lore – in terms of how major aspects of the mythology plays out in game. You will find many of the cards shown have special abilities that directly correlate to their actual powers and skills in the lore. It can come as a welcome shock to veterans of the Mahabharat lore, and can even entice them to play just as well as it entices players to get into the lore of the Mahabarat.

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