Written by on May 28, 2019

The whole concept for Bedtime Stories seems a little suspect at first. A group of strangers bundled into a bus going to a mysterious secret location to listen to a guy read a bedtime story? Strange. I guess it’s this culmination of factors that made it such a fascinating experience. The crisp British accent of Thomas Dudkiewicz and his creative voices and well-timed sound effects brought us on a journey through life and death and badger-hating humans (if you know, you know.).


I won’t specifically name the secret venue in question, but I will say it was on a grass patch, with strangely comfortable seats. Throughout the entire performance, I was thoroughly immersed in the story and all it’s strange, quirky notes and twists and turns and long awkward silences populated with the speaker-dwelling crickets and birds and the introspective silence of the audience.


I now notice that I’ve been writing in a more fancy fashion than usual and I honestly think its because Thomas Dudkiewicz’s voice is still echoing in my head, particularly the line said in self-awareness – “do I converse oddly?”


And for the purposes of the story, I guess he did. But if his intention was to leave me with something resembling a message or a takeaway or the image of his creepy yet endearing smile, then he definitely succeeded.


Hope I didn’t converse too oddly.

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