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Written by on May 29, 2018

Catching Kehlani live for my first concert experience might be the best thing that has happened to me yet.

When Raymond and I entered the venue, we were immediately engulfed by the latest hip-hop and pop hits like ‘Supermodel’ by SZA and ‘Drip’ by Cardi B featuring Migos, mixed by Micah Mahinay, also known as DJ Noodle. Although it was a little squeezy, we managed to slip into a rhythmic groove along with the hundreds of other fans.

The lights dimmed down low and everyone began cheering immediately, as the sweet, sexy, savage artist opens with the first verse of ‘I Wanna Be’ from her latest album. Her equally enthusiastic audience sang along to each and every word, proving just how strong her fan base is, even in Singapore. It was at this point that Raymond pointed out how alike her raw voice and the record track sound, which I must fully agree.

Her next couple of songs, ‘In My Feelings’ and ‘Piece Of Mind’ were sung masterfully. Her high energy shines through as she prances around the stage, occasionally blowing kisses to the audience and busting out dance moves, driving the audience wild.

As the lights faded to a golden yellow, the “Artivist” (as she calls herself) asks the audience to switch on their phone flashlights for the next song, Honey, in which she urges everyone to love regardless of sexual orientation.

Everyone was swaying from left to right with their flashlights toggled on, as though ten thousand fireflies swarmed the venue.

She also treated us to other songs like ‘Distraction’, ‘CRZY’ and a flawless rap verse from ‘Too Much’. At this point in time, it would be needless to say that the crowd knew every single word of her rap verse, and sang along.

To wrap up the night, she played other artistes’ tracks that she had been recently featured on, such as Cardi B’s ‘Ring’ and her long-time friend and fellow Oakland musician, G-Eazy’s ‘Good Life’. Surprisingly, there was no mention of her collaboration with KYLE on his latest album, Light of Me where she tackled half of the song ‘Playinwitme’.

Kehlani ended the night by bowing and grabbing a rainbow coloured flag, a symbol for the LGBTQ community, as she marched off the stage with a goodbye. The crowd chanted for a good few minutes in hopes of getting an encore, but eventually dispersed when the lights came back on. Needless to say, it was an unforgettable experience.

Thank you LAMC Productions for letting us be part of this experience!

Written by: Erwin Shah
Edited by: Raymond Teoh, Tan Yin Yun, Qadirah Wahid

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