“Love, Peace, and Happiness”: The Santana Transmogrify Tour

Written by on May 29, 2017

Santana has been known to have fans of the “older crowd”, being a band that goes back to 1966. It was a pleasant surprise for me to see plenty of youths making their way to catch the legendary American Latin Rock Band.

No introduction needed, Carlos Santana came on with his electrifying guitar skills, accompanied by his wife Cindy Blackman on the drums and opened the concert with O Paradiso.


The crowd was a little shy at first, bumping shoulders and nodding heads in their seats. However, when Are You Ready People came on, there was no other option but to get up and dance.

In the middle of the concert, the band started fading in to the rhythm of their hit song with John McLaughlin, A Love Supreme, and Santana took time to talk about his beliefs.

“Self acceptance is when you’re able to love yourself, you’re able to celebrate yourself. This band – we don’t promote unnecessary stuff. We don’t promote things that get in the way from being one family in harmony.

“I can create an abundance of prosperity. Thank you for being here,” said the legendary guitarist Santana, as the band and audience start singing to A Love Supreme.

“Some people say – ‘Santana is still a hippie.’ Yes I am,” he said, earning a ripple of laughter from the audience.


Cindy Blackman (Photo courtesy of IMC Live)

Blackman, Santana’s very talented drummer (and wife!) gave me goose bumps during her solo – Soul Sacrifice. She played the drums with so much passion and focus; you could feel the rhythm throughout the concert hall with every beat.

They closed the concert with their song that everyone knows – Smooth. Though original singer Rob Thomas was missing, Andy Vargas still completed the track perfectly, with his raspy but smooth vocals.


Andy Vargas (Photo courtesy of IMC Live)

Closing off the concert with Love, Peace and Happiness, Santana reminded us all of the one reason they play their music – to spread love, peace, and happiness around the world.

Written by: Jasmine Nazirah

Edited by: Robyn Lee 


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