Tunes of Love and Longing, encapsulated into “Lullacry”

Written by on August 10, 2017

Local songbird Lewis Loh launched his 13-track EP Lullacry at The Esplanade’s Annexe Studio early last month, claiming his last full set before leaving to pursue music at Berklee College of Music this weekend.


Lullacry – a mash up of the words lullaby and cry encapsulated tunes of love, longing and was the result of many of Lew’s personal experiences. Many times through the night an immensely grateful Lew paused to smile at the large and supportive audience that turned up to watch him.


Vivien Yap opening for LEW.

The night started with charismatic opening act Vivien Yap (@buttlicks on Instagram) who showcased her unique songwriting and equally astounding vocals through tales of her struggles with her physical appearance while growing up.

Vivien wasn’t the only one sharing the stage with Lew that night. Our school’s very own Umar Sirhan was invited up to perform a few songs with him and got many cheers from the audience for his incredible vocals. Lew also got his best friend and fellow singer-songwriter Joie Tan to perform two songs with him. ‘Reality’ which Lew had written for a duet and ‘Baby Steps’. Their undeniable chemistry swooned the audience as they harmonized and beautifully executed every word.


Umar Sirhan sharing the stage with LEW.

When it came down to the last song of the night, the evidently upset crowd roared as he sheepishly reappeared for another song. It is no wonder the singer-songwriter’s tickets sold so fast as his amazing performance and charming personality did not disappoint. This amazing night just teased what local music has in store for us in the near future.

While on the topic of his love life, Lew cheekily mentions that he would be staying single for a while as he’s “not ready to write album 2 yet”.

Written by: Gracia Wong

Edited by: Robyn Lee 


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