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Written by on January 11, 2018

Aren’t there just days when you walk into school, feeling like you are not worthy of the clothes you wear, your legs are too plump to squeeze into your pants or your makeup just looks horrible on you.

Step into the shoes of August Pullman (Auggie) as you follow him through his middle school journey and learn that how one’s worth is not dependent on how one looks.














This is a story about a young boy with craniofacial disorder, a rare medical facial deformity. Instead of talking about the sufferings of Auggie, what this movie focuses on is the people around him. We get to see how Auggie’s parents despite not being overprotective of him, choose to bring him to school and taught him that standing out is not really a bad thing. We also get a closer look into the reactions and thoughts of other kids at school and why mean children are mean, only because they were taught to.

The director, Stephen Chbosky had the intention of wanting viewers to see how a community can help one another learn to be more receptive to those who look different. And it has definitely driven home the message to many who were present and crying in the theatre by the end of the movie.

The actors, especially Jacob Tremblay did a really good job in portraying the emotional rollercoaster that Auggie goes through. While other characters such as Jack, Auggie’s good friend makes you melt with his sweet demeanour, Auggie’s parents and sister that put together such a wonderful performance that it takes away a little bit of your heart everytime you watch it.

“Wonder” is a heartwarming movie that will bring you to tears and happiness at the edge of your seat.

Rating: 4.5/5 Stars



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