Neon Lights 2018

Written by on November 19, 2018

I’ve never been a music festival, neither did I imagine going to one. But hey, there’s a first time for everything.


Neon Lights 2018 — an indie music and art festival, marked my first music festival experience and might I say, an extremely memorable one. This year, the festival was held at Fort Canning Park, at the heart of Singapore’s bustling city.




Day One

Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band

As Daniel and I stepped foot into the festival grounds, we were serenaded with the sounds of Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band, a very vibrant music style; one that hybridises traditional Thai music and folk-rock. What impressed me most was the band members’ ability to play the instruments so well for an hour, barely taking any breaks.


The night carried on with an array of performances, with the crowds going back and forth between the Main Stage and the Easy Street Stage, just taking in the hype and excitement in the atmosphere. One of our new music discoveries from the night would definitely be Mediocre Haircut Crew, a Singaporean hip-hop and rap group with a fresh sound to share with audiences.

Mediocre Hair Cut Crew. Photo Courtesy of Neon Lights 2018












The night of Day One for Neon Lights came to a close with Yuna’s truly stellar performance. A perfect way to end the night of music, which left Daniel and I waiting in anticipation for the next day.


Day Two

The second day of the Neon Lights Festival was definitely the more memorable one of the two. We kicked off the day of festivities by having lunch within the festival grounds. Neon Lights 2018 was going cashless, and we used our special wristband tags to purchase food from the many stalls available.


Chow Down!




We proceeded to listen in on the absolutely amazing performances by Riot !n Magenta, The Vaccines, Cigarettes After Sex and finally, Interpol.


What made the night so memorable was the weather tantrums of Singapore’s tropical climate, tying into the overall ambience and aesthetic of indie band Cigarettes After Sex.


Midway through the band’s performance, the dark skies of the night then opened up to a shower, as the euphoric and dreamy sound of Cigarettes After Sex resonated throughout Fort Canning Park.


While many ran for shelter as the rain gradually grew heavier, others chose to brave the rain. Lovebirds hid under umbrellas, got out their raincoats and continued to revel in the beauty of the moment.


It was truly a momentous juncture, with people swaying to songs “Apocalypse” and “Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby”.



Cigarettes After Sex



The experience of the Neon Lights Festival was certainly one that is unforgettable and an event not to be missed. The immersive festival escapade gave us so much insight into the indie music scene; allowed us to discover new artistes, bathe in artistic workshops and have a good time in overall! if you ever do get the opportunity to attend Neon Lights or any other music festival, go for it. It will certainly be worth your time!


Written by Shayanne



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