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ULTRA was sick. No- I mean like literally because the day before the festival the worst fever hit my body (it wasn’t really the worst but I have a penchant for dramatic flair). However, the moment I entered the venue, all that melted away. I’m seriously being 100% honest in saying that the energy was […]

Everything was definitely alright at the Dean Lewis showcase organized by Universal Music. The setting was intimate and cosy at the scape tree top with complimentary drinks to set the mood. The Australian singer was cute and casual making light-hearted conversations with the audience before every song. He gave the audience some fun facts about […]

Intriguing, thought-provoking, just amazing, is the only way I can describe how the performance of Crowd by Gisèle Vienne was. I had the honour of being invited to watch Crowd which was only showing on 1 and 2 June at Victoria Theatre as part of the Singapore International Festival of Arts (SIFA).   Crowd is […]

Coming from a background of drama and theatre, I’ve always found joy in watching plays and observing how other actors embody their characters, which is why I was thrilled to be given the opportunity to watch this play. I didn’t do much research about the play before attending it because I wanted to be completely […]

The whole concept for Bedtime Stories seems a little suspect at first. A group of strangers bundled into a bus going to a mysterious secret location to listen to a guy read a bedtime story? Strange. I guess it’s this culmination of factors that made it such a fascinating experience. The crisp British accent of […]

Radio Heatwave’s very own conty was graced by a pioneer in globalising Singapore’s local music: Mike Spinks, founder of CITY65 Music, and subsequently, WHABBY Music. Coming over to tell us more about the upcoming WHABBY Music Carnival, it was easy to see how he managed to found and build up both organisations with his endearing, […]

Just last Thursday on All Things Considered, we had local rock band Knightingale in the studio with us to promote their performance at Whabby Carnival on 22 June and share their story starting out as a niche band in Singapore. The 3 members – Ashwin, Ben and Jiv – came into the studio excited but […]

We had the pleasure of having Axel Brizzy in the studio for Cinemania on Radio Heatwave. This Rapper, singer and songwriter made his debut back in 2017 and has been climbing in the ranks ever since. His single Thursday won the best song to sing along at Singapore’s first ever youth music awards. He was […]

Last but not least, we had the pleasure of having the winner of Vans Musicians Wanted 2018, winner of “Best Song To Unwind To” at the Youth Music Awards, the Billie Eilish of Singapore, SHYE!! Shye talked to us about her inspirations and told us more about how she manages to write all of her […]

Theodore Robert Bundy. Commonly known as Ted Bundy. Was he really this psychopathic killer and pathological liar? “What if, just what if, he really was innocent?” That was how I felt throughout the movie till- (no spoilers!) While we all know that Ted Bundy was an infamous, ruthless killer, the movie made me doubt what […]

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