Fun lies in the place to call Home

Written by on October 6, 2017

‘FUN HOME’ by Pangdemonium is a musical about a dysfunctional family in rural Pennsylvania that runs a funeral home, which the family christens as the ‘fun home’. The plot revolves around Alison, the daughter and the eldest amongst the three in her adult years reading her diary from her childhood days and remembering the days of her childhood and teenage years as she slowly discovers and comes to terms with her sexuality.

Throughout the musical, we learn that Alison’s family may not be as perfect as everyone assumed them to be. The family begins to fall apart when Alison’s father Bruce Bechdel played by Adrian Pang reveals to be a homosexual and has an affair with their gardener Mark, played by Benjamin Kheng.

This musical is packed with a punch of comedy, drama and a coming of age story that relates to a lot of younger audience. The younger cast members all performed amazingly and the number, “Come to the Fun Home” was what stood out the most to me as they really performed and added so much life into the song with dynamic movements.

Although I felt that Benjamin Kheng and Gail Belmonte’s characters weren’t very impactful, Fun Home had amazing sets with really good and smooth transitions. I highly recommend Fun Home for its powerful story and tackling of themes including homosexuality and death.

Thank you to Pangdemonium for the tickets, and you can catch Fun Home at the Drama Centre Theatre at the National Library until 15 October 2017!


Written and Edited by: Yong Jie and Amanda

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