“Paralysingly” Good

Written by on May 29, 2017

Dead Awake truly is a remarkable film in that despite the fact that it’s burdened by silly tropes, cliches, and mediocre acting, it manages to stay thoroughly amusing and entertaining until the very last scene.


Photo courtesy of Shaw

You often find yourself rooting for characters you didn’t realize you loved and, in my case, immensely disliking characters presenting a threat to the protagonist. This film is not anything more than average in the slightest, but it does warrant a viewing, even if just for the cheesiness and all-around entertainment value to be expected from a horror/thriller film of this caliber.

The film follows Kate, a woman haunted by a demon centuries old that paralyses people in their sleep and then chokes them to death. As the plot thickens, Kate, and the ones she loves, face unspeakable horrors as she tries to uncover the truth behind this demon – and how to defeat it.


Photo courtesy of Shaw

At some points in the film, one could easily be “paralysed”, glued to their seat as the protagonist and her trusty companions face off with supernatural terrors. I even found myself praying that a certain character remained unhurt as I shrieked my way to the end of the movie.

Truly, Dead Awake is the perfect film to give you a little “wake-up” jolt.

Written by: Sarah-Joy Tan

Edited by: Robyn Lee 


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