Movies Review: Revolt

Written by on September 29, 2017

Revolt brings an interesting spin to the saturated post-apocalyptic genre. Lee Pace stars as Bo, an American Special Forces soldier serving in Kenya who teams up with French foreign aide doctor Nadia played by Bérénice Marlohe as they try to survive a deadly alien onslaught.

Bo wakes up in a prison cell not knowing how he got there, so the audience is just as confused as him as they journey through the film together. With its small budget, the movie is a breath of fresh air compared to its huge-scale Hollywood counterparts. Instead of seeing robots destroy concrete landscapes like New York that have been done to death, the setting and actual filming in Africa brought a unique grittiness that has never really been seen before. The pacing was slightly slow at the start, but it remained suspenseful enough to keep one at the edge of their seat.

The set up at the beginning of the film keeps one’s attention captured to find out what exactly happened, but unfortunately some questions still remained unanswered. Nevertheless, Lee Pace is a welcome surprise as an action hero and the supporting African cast were very convincing and nuanced in their portrayal of a group of broken people trying to survive the aftermath.

Huge thank you to Shaw Theatres for the preview screening; Revolt is out in theatres now, so do check it out if you want an unconventional sci-fi post-apocalyptic movie!


Written by: Amanda

Edited by: Jac

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