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Here is our show schedule for the October 2016 – February 2017 semester!

Programming Schedule

The Wake Up Call with Iffah and Gracia

The Wake Up Call

Wash away your Monday blues on The Wake Up Call, where you’ll get treated to a plethora of useful tips and good vibes, to help you get through your week at school.

Heatwave Charts with Prashain and Rin

Heatwave Charts

Get your weekly fix of all the hottest hits, in one place as we take you through our top picks of the week, on Heatwave Charts.

Rockout with Melissa and Ameer Hamzah


Headbanging our way into your speakers, Rock Out will cruise you through with the best of classic Rock ’N Roll, Punk Rock, Pop Punk and much more.

Battle of the Sexes with Mike and Sangee

Battle Of The Sexes

When you really think about it, it comes down to the age-old battle: the battle between boys and girls. Join us for the Battle of the Sexes to find out what goes down.

Focal Local with Darren and Josh

Focal Local

Think local, act local, listen local and engulf in local by tuning in to our show that is 100% local. Tune in and chill with us with a packet of Teh-O and a plate of Bak Chor Mee at Focal Local.

Food Fighters with Jon and Gayle

Food Fighters

Filling your earbuds with a little flavour, and all you need to know about anything you can eat. Join us on the Food Fighters as we treat your tastebuds.

Muscle Hustle with Travis and Rish

Muscle Hustle

Football, wrestling, gymming, fashion, Muscle Hustle is ready to inject you with just the right amount of testosterone.

Cinemania with Shafinah and Praveena


From The Notebook to Pacific Rim, join us on Cinemania, where we give you the weekly lowdown on all things movies!

Weeaboo Wednesdays with Dan and Ammzey

Weeaboo Wednesdays

If you’re a fan of all things Anime and J-Pop, this show’s for you. Get your ears ready to nerd out with all things Nihon!

TGIW with Timo


Thank God it’s Wednesday. It’s time to get the good vibes flowing with the very best of EDM, Electronic Pop and Dubstep.

Back To Fiction with Chris and Qarinah

Back To Fiction

Calling all bookworms! Back to Fiction is here to take you on a journey through all your favourite novels and poetry, and hopefully, introduce you to a few more.

Geek Speak with Amirul

Geek Speak

The best part about being a geek is being smarter than everyone else. Join us on Geek Speak, where we’ll let you in on a few of our well-guarded secrets. Shh.

Femme Fatale with Sarah and Sam

Femme Fatale

Do you like fashion, makeup, and shopping for fashion and makeup? Well, so do we! Tune in and we’ll hit you up with all the latest tips and tricks.

K-Wave with Elmer and Anthea


Anyong! Riding the K-wave isn’t as easy as it seems when you have to keep up with K-pop, K-dramas, K-fashion, how do you do it? Luckily, we have just the show for you.

The TV Show Show with Sejal and Rex

The TV Show Show

Wanna know the top shows but didn’t have time watching. Fret not. The TV Show Show is here to save the day. We talk everything on TV and online streaming sites!

Throwback Thursdays with Qadirah and Maxine

Throwback Thursday

Who doesn’t love reminiscing? On Throwback Thursdays, we’ll play you all the best hits you love to remember, and take you back to a time less stressful.

Ben and Aiden in the Morning with Ben and Aiden

Ben and Aiden In The Morning

Freedom is the name of the game when it comes to Ben and Aiden, where they’ll keep you entertained with the absolute best of Shower Thoughts, Top Banter and whacky call-in games.

Afternoon Acoustics with Zack and Amirah

Afternoon Acoustics

Welcome to Afternoon Acoustics, where chill is the real deal. We’ll hit you with acoustic covers you’ve never even thought were possible and keep things awesome all the way.

Indie Evenings with Ysabel and Wee San

Indie Evenings

After a long week, it’s best to wind down and relax will all things indie. Who knew being independent is so serene.

Happy Friday with Elsie, Bernice, Chelsey, Jie Min and Shane 

让慧洁、歆惠、诗琪、洁敏和洪萱在空中与你度过 «欢乐星期五»

Happy Friday

Join us on Radio Heatwave’s only bilingual show! We will be bringing you the latest news on drama series, fashion trends, music and entertainment.

Radio Heatwave 唯一的双语广播时段 – 不仅与你分享近期的剧集、最新的时尚潮流,也会陪你聊聊娱乐以及音乐。