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Written by on December 24, 2016

Three shows, nine sets, and ten hours of local music was celebrated at * ScapeTheInvasion 2016 at the *SCAPE Singapore’s Ground Theatre on Dec 17, 2016.


Show 1: The Neptune Waves featuring Forests, Bitty Macbeth and Dru Chen, and Sezairi Sezali


The Neptune Waves

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The show kicked off at 2pm with a collaboration between vocalist Nathaniel from The Neptune Waves and guitarist Adam from Forests. The cheeky duo eased us into * ScapeTheInvasion 2016 by singing “Human Things” and a cover of Title Fight’s “Lefty”.


Bitty Macbeth and Dru Chen

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Dru Chen was Bitty Macbeth’s right hand woman for the show as she sang new tracks from her album, “Beauty For Ashes”. The singer lulled the audience with her soulful vocals while the “You Bring Out the Best in Me” singer brought out her best by playing the guitar. A memorable moment of the set was when they each had their guitar solos; the crowd loved it when Bitty jammed out on the bass.


Sezairi Sezali

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Show 1 ended off with Singapore Idol winner, Sezairi Sezali. Sezairi took to the stage, with the expected confidence of a seasoned performer, and engaged in a heart to heart conversation with the crowd throughout his entire set. The singer performed a sultry, soulful version of his hit “Fire To The Floor”, and was met with closed eyes and rhythmic head nods. He closed the first show with “Terrified”, drawing laughter from the crowd when he described the song as “like in the toilet like that”.


Show 2: Shakthiya and The Baits, Disco Hue, and Take Two featuring Stopgap


Shakthiya and The Baits

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Shakthiya and The Baits started the second show of the day. The duo captivated the audience members when they took us on a blast from the past with a timeless Sam Cooke classic – “Bring it on Home to Me” before launching out into a full blown Eminem rap cover, displaying Shakthiya’s versatility as a vocalist. The crowd had their hands in the air, bobbing to the beat of his flow.


Disco Hue

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Sherlyn and Zie from Disco Hue continued the momentum with new, unreleased tunes such as “Ultravenus” and “1973”, which received a warm welcome from the concertgoers. However, it was their familiar hits “Gotta Find You” and “I’ll Be Waiting” that got everyone echoing after them.


Take Two and Stopgap

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Take Two and Stopgap headlined the second show of the day and had everyone belting out to their tunes “Ariel” and “In Your Arms” with the help of Stopgap. The highlight of the show arrived when the front men of both groups, Paddy and Adin, came together to end off the set with a highly energized “You Only Live Twice”, leaving the crowd wanting more.


Show 3: Supersect, Joie Tan and Lewis Loh, iNCH Chua and Nathan Hartono



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The half-hour break saw Supersect beginning the final show of the night. The quintet featured skilled guitar playing and their comical antics by covering the “SAR-vivor” rap by Gurmit Singh’s alter ego, Phua Chu Kang, before ending on a high with “Ru Lai”.


Lewis Loh and Joie Tan

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The transition brought Joie Tan and Lewis Loh, known by his stage name Lew, to the stage. The close friendship between them was evident as they poked fun at each other throughout their entire performance, playfully passing cheeky remarks. Joie and Lew took turns to take to the stage as Joie relayed her heart with “You” as she cast a spell on the audience members. Lew closed the stage with his new song “Loved You So”, recreating the same spell that his comrade projected onto the crowd.


iNCH Chua and Nathan Hartono

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Singer-songwriter iNCH, the penultimate act of the day took over and performed “Mousedeer” from her EP, “Letters To Ubin” exuding a rustic, yet polished charm that only she can showcase. The final headliner, Nathan Hartono, joined iNCH on stage as they rocked the finale together at a packed-to-the-brim Ground Theatre. The “Sing! China” finalist and iNCH, put up an electrifying performance with “Electricity” as they engaged in a ‘One-Two’ with the crowd singing-shouting every time the song’s hook came around.


The dreaded end of the night approached as Hartono serenaded the crowd with a song he wrote with Daphne Khoo, ‘Tell Me Something’. The audience swayed along to the music under the sky of stars before the he ended the night off.


Essentially, * ScapeTheInvasion 2016 was an encouraging love letter to local music. It was heartening to see the love and support that Singaporean musicians are receiving for practicing, honing and plying their craft. * ScapeTheInvasion 2017, we are expectant!


Writer: Jonathan Lee

Editors: Prashain and Christy Heah

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