Shakespeare in the Park

Written by on May 21, 2018

Shakespeare in the Park at Fort Canning was a modern take on a timeless classic, Julius Cesar. We had the pleasure of watching this famous script so fashionably modified by swapping out the legendary male lead to a female on until this production!

Now for you avid Literature readers would know about Ceasar’s untimely death, but this is one with a little twist – we’ll get into that in a bit.

We watched nothing short of a spectacular play. The performance was engaging and very moving as the actors were phenomenal in portraying their characters, holding each audience member transfixed.

We were also blown away by the stage, visual and lighting design, which was built in just a week! What I especially loved about this take of Julius Cesar was their effort to keep the original Shakespearean language and yet modernize it through the props.

Rome was portrayed to be the modern day U.N., rioters were the paparazzi and some audience members were even chosen to be part of a scene!

The use of media and technology in the play emphasised how media presents information to us through the news and social media, and how people in our day and age receive and react to news.

Shakespeare In The Park is a show not to be missed!

Written by: Genine Sharma, Karisha Partabrai and Cheyenne Jewel

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