Singapore Coffee Festival 2016

Written by on June 30, 2016


There are two things essential in my life- my music and my morning coffee. One allows me to express my creativity and the other is basically the matter that runs through my veins. So just imagine the amount of excitement I had to suppress when I attended the Singapore Coffee Festival 2016.

The festival was held at the F1 Pit Building from 9-12 June and was the first of its kind to be held in Singapore. Showcasing both Singapore’s local and specialty coffee and treats as well as our wide diversity of local talent, the promising festival generated much buzz among the local foodie community.


“Local food being sold at the festival.”

With more than 100 exhibitors, including barista, roasters and cafés, huge crowds were no doubt attracted, with up to 4,000 visitors on it’s second day. One international headliner was Good Coffee Tokyo, whose booth featured award-winning Japanese barista, such as Mr Takayuki Miyazaki. Singapore’s very own Boba Brew was also present to spread the ‘partea’ with their wide variety of teas and lattés, which I enthusiastically downed one after another, to the dismay of my already full stomach and bladder.


“Coffee anyone?”

But not only did the festival feed me well, my ears were also blessed with tunes from several very talented local artistes such as iNCH, Dru Chen and my personal favourite, Disco Hue. The chill vibes exuded from each of the acts slowly lulled the coffee-cup clutching crowds into a state of absolute peace and serenity and the atmosphere was intoxicating.

Overall, the combination of good food, drink and music was a Singaporean foodie’s dream and this was definitely an event not to be missed- I can only hope with all my heart (and my stomach) that it will return for a second run next year.

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