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Written by on February 8, 2018

Tucked away into a cosy little corner along Crawford Lane, lies a food and beverage establishment by the name of Tolido’s Espresso Nook. Tolido’s are known for their specialty coffee and was first set up by Douglas Tan and his partner who goes by the name of Voon.

Radio Heatwave had the opportunity to try some of their specialty items on offer. Here is our opinion on the food of Tolido’s.


Salted Egg Prawn Pasta 3.5/5

Anything “salted egg” was a phenomenon in 2016. To be completely honest, the mere mention of “salted egg” would be met with an apathetic shoulder shrug. However, this was quite the game changer for me. The prawns were fresh, succulent, and juicy, while the salted egg-pasta mix was unique and fresh. I thought I would have gotten bloated, but it was rather light. It may not be a personal favourite, but it is definitely a must-try!


Truffle Scrambled Eggs 5/5

Toasted bread, scrambled eggs, potatoes, topped with plenty of greens. This dish practically screams “ALL DAY BREAKFAST”. I gave the Truffle Scrambled Eggs a five-star rating and for good reason. The structural integrity of the truffle oil infused scrambled eggs was astounding. It was creamy but not runny, and it melted in my mouth the moment it touched the tip of my tongue. Lather it on toast bread like butter and you are good to go. This is heaven in a mouthful. I am not exaggerating.


Pandan Pancakes 4/5

Here is what I love about Tolido’s – they are all about the food, the people, and the portions. Check out what this dish entails – THREE crispy pandan pancakes stacked all on top of each other, a generous scoop of coconut ice cream right in the middle, drizzled in coconut shavings and gula melaka sauce. The warm pancakes, cold ice cream, sweetness from the gula melaka sauce, and crunch from the coconut shavings was an insane combination. Need I say more? Go for it.


All in all, it was a pleasant experience at Tolido’s. The interior was warm and cosy, the service was friendly yet quick, yet the food speaks for itself.


Of course, we can’t forget about the looks of the food from Toledo’s! So here’s a short video of the delicious food and homely interior.


Written by: Jonathan Lee

Edited by: Jacquelyn Tan

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