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Victor(ious) Frankenstein

Victor Frankenstein
In Cinemas: 26 November
Running Time: 1 hour 50 minutes
Rating: 4/5 stars

Victor Frankenstein is basically the untold story of the brains behind Frankenstein. We’re not talking about the origins of Frankenstein’s brain, but the two scientists: Igor and Victor Frankenstein, who gave Frankenstein life.

Spoilers ahead. You have been warned.

Victor Frankenstein tries to keep to the old classic story of Frankenstein as much as possible, but the movie does change a few things here and there to fit the modern age. The most notable thing? IGOR NOT BEING A HUNCHBACK! Somehow the director, Mr Paul McGuigan felt it would be better to solve his hunchback problem in this movie but I’m not complaining nor do I think the actor who played Igor – Mr Daniel Radcliffe (who’s well known for his work in the Harry Potter saga) – in the movie was going to complain either. However in this movie, Daniel had chosen to take a break from the world of magic and dive into the wonders of science.

For those who know about the backstory of Frankenstein is that a scientist named Victor Frankenstein brought him to life, and in this movie he was played by James McAvoy. McAvoy’s acting was superb, with clear notable changes in his character as he progresses into a madman as he plunges deeper and deeper into his research, while Igor tries his best to save his newfound master from insanity.

The plot was amazing in the sense that there was a clear flow of events that caused changes in the behaviour of both Igor and Victor throughout the movie and these subtle changes in personality was brought out magnificently. However I felt that the movie started revolving too much around Igor and not Victor Frankenstein, even though the movie was named after him, which I was a bit confused about.

Nonetheless, the movie still was very enjoyable as a whole – even with that out of place horror scene in the middle of the movie when Victor’s science experiment goes apeshit when it gets revived.

Cinemania loved this supposedly horror mix action mix thriller movie and give it a 4 out of 5 Frankenstein brains.

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