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Written by on July 16, 2017

Wish Upon centers on Clare, your average girl-next-door protagonist. Clare, being bullied in school, finds trouble fitting in and hopes for her life to change. This happens when her dad, a dumpster-digging debonair, finds an ornately carved box and gifts it to Clare for her birthday. Clare soon discovers that this box grants its owner wishes, but not without a cost.

Courtesy of Shaw

Courtesy of Shaw












If you’re going into the cinema expecting a run-off-the-mill horror movie, you’ll find yourself pleasantly surprised. The movie doesn’t lend itself to silly clichés, and succeeds in building tension to an unbearable amount to the point where you can’t even look at the screen if not through your fingers as they’re clasped over your eyes. Lovable characters are put in impossible situations as the audience squirms and screams internally.

Courtesy of Shaw

Courtesy of Shaw

With a unique and gripping plot, excellent writing and amazing buildup of tension, this is a movie you have to catch.

Written by: Aidan Razali – Heatwave Jockey


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