Yellowcard in Singapore

Written by on January 14, 2015

Usually on wednesdays, people wish for the weekend. However on that uneventful wednesday, we were just wishing for the end of the day. Why? BECAUSE YELLOWCARD that’s why! Arriving just on time for the meet and greet, we rushed in and got to meet the amazing Ryan Key, Josh Portman, Sean Mackin and Ryan Mendez. Despite being jetlagged and having an upcoming performance, the band still exuded warmth and friendliness! What a band! Having meeted and greeted Yellowcard, we all went back to queue for entry, clutching our freshly signed paraphernalia (Regin even got her laptop signed!).
The concert itself was an awesome experience both visually and aurally as everyone in the band had so much energy and stage presence! And props to Sean Mackin, who played on despite having technical difficulties with his violin (You da MVP). One of the best moments in the concert was when Ryan Keys sang a song, California, alone on the piano for his wife, Alyona Alekhina, who was in the hospital back in the states. It was tear-jerking to hear the emotion laid bare in his voice. Yellowcard then ended the concert on a high note with their hit song Ocean Avenue, which had us singing along at the top of our lungs. It was truly a night to remember.

We’d like to thank Anthology Singapore for providing us with passes to the Yellowcard event!

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