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Written by on June 14, 2019

ULTRA was sick. No- I mean like literally because the day before the festival the worst fever hit my body (it wasn’t really the worst but I have a penchant for dramatic flair).

However, the moment I entered the venue, all that melted away. I’m seriously being 100% honest in saying that the energy was amazing. It was so hyped even being IN THE QUEUE that people were already dancing (which was kinda weird but you do you). And when we entered…that’s when the real fun started.

The acts were electrifying especially since we entered to Infected Mushrooms just as the hall was starting to fill up. They were followed by Zed’s Dead, a friend’s recommendation, so shoutout to Nat if you’re reading: this one’s for you. Porter Robinson stole the stage right after that with his set synced to flashy animated visuals done in an anime style being flashed on the main stage right behind him which was, to me at least, a real visual masterpiece. That kind of spectacle paired with the one man digital orchestra of Porter Robinson was such an awesome set piece that only had the potential to be one-upped by one other act.

Skrillex literally came out with a bang to open his much-anticipated performance. Unlike the other DJs’ who mostly stayed behind the booth, Skrillex was strangely close to the audience and didn’t run out of energy to jump up and down to hype up the crowd. The audience. It was closer to the front of the stage that the mosh pit was formed. Seeing a whole throng of people anticipating the drop to jump right in and shove each other around for the pure joy of it was extremely exciting to watch. To see the pure bliss and contentment in everyone’s faces was special knowing how much the music even with its lack of lyrics could speak to people. It was such an iconic set from the visuals paired with the beats to the engagement with the crowd. Ultra 2019 despite all the last-minute changes really pulled through and I am so glad I can say I didn’t miss the likes of Skrillex as it was one for the books.

I’m not sure if party fever is an actual thing especially when you have an actual fever but I can safely say Ultra was a ton of fun even as someone who doesn’t listen to a whole lot of EDM. I found a lot of good new music which I really enjoy now so that’s a huge plus on my Spotify playlists.

I guess next time I’m feeling under the weather I know just where to go 😉


Written by: Aidan Razali

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