Written by on July 19, 2019

Picture this, 4 rectangular portals to magical and mystical galaxies, forests, volcanic pits and eruptions of plumes of smoke cued exactly on the beat to the music. That was part of the spectacle that was the Bazzi concert right here in Singapore at the star vista theatre.

The American singer, songwriter, producer and rapper took the stage and charmed every single audience member present. With his lil talking bits professing his love for Singapore, even saying he wants to live here and praising the crowd for their enthusiasm you could almost hear the melting hearts of all his adoring fans. Not only was he sweet and charismatic he was absolutely breathtaking live! His voice was crisp, passionate and oh so dreamy.

Bazzi showcased his multitude of talents for his high notes, ballads and mean rap game. His versatility as an artist was on full display as was his fun head to toe denim get up.

I was treated when he slowed things down alongside his guitarist Dave. Together they sang and played must sing along to song such as “Sunday Morning” by Maroon 5, confessing he has never known the full lyrics to the song despite having performed it on numerous occasions. He also sang one of my all-time favourite songs that sent the crowd wild “hold on” by Drake! Proving he can definitely compare to the big timers in the industry.

From start to finish Bazzi did not disappoint, leaving his heart, soul and energy on the stage itself. Sometimes you never truly appreciate an artist until you see them in the flesh and that is exactly how I felt about Bazzi.

He is truly a beautiful angel that smiles oh so preciously who I’d love to have 3:15am conversations with. He is a star to look out for and whose music sends you straight to paradise. He made meall focused but also soarin in my dreams and I was wondering why the concert wasn’t any longer. Bazzi was a fantasy on stage and he was gone too quickly as it left us all wanting more! ( if you know you know 😉

Written by: Karisha Partabrai

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