A Date with Lucy Rose

Written by on September 24, 2017

On Tuesday, I got the amazing opportunity to sit down and have a chat with UK singer-songwriter Lucy Rose. She was in Singapore to promote her third and latest album, Something’s Changing.


Lucy was such a sweetheart, and although I was feeling a bit nervous at first she quickly eased my fears as we ended up making small talk about going on a holiday. She casually name dropped the rapper Logic by saying that he and his wife went to Disneyland Japan and loved it there, even saying that it was the best holiday he had ever been on. The phrase “My friend Logic” was definitely something I never thought I would ever hear in my life.


Read on to see my interview with her and click the YouTube link below to check out my chat with her.




Q: So your latest album Something’s Changing was released this year. What was the biggest change when it came to writing this album?

A: Mentally I guess the biggest change was I was just, my whole vision had almost changed. My perspective in my life, mentally, had changed a lot.


Q: This is your third album, but let’s backtrack a bit. Our listeners are mostly between 17-25 years, so what were you up to when you were that age?

A: I was on tour with Bombay Bicycle Club. I was on tour a lot, from about 18 or 19 onwards I was on a tour bus with loads of stinky boys.


Q: Did you know you always wanted to pursue music?

A: Yeah when I was younger I guess it’s when you can really dream? I was like “I’m just gonna do music and I wanna do everything I can to make sure that it happens.”


Q: You’ve featured on the rapper Logic’s tracks before. How did you meet him and what were the collaborations like?

A: I’m just a huge fan of his music, so I went to one of his gigs in London and somehow he found out I was there, started following me on Twitter and we both started chatting on Twitter where he asked me to try and write a chorus for one of his songs “Innermission”, which was like the most exciting moment in my life when I received that message. And then I wrote something and sent it back with my fingers crossed and it ended up going on the record, and then met him after that in London. We got on really well and then he flew me to LA to work on his last record which was really fun.


Q: Awesome! So coming back to your latest album, do you have a favourite line from it?

A: Maybe “I can’t change it all”.



Q: You’ve been to Singapore before so do you have any interesting incidents or any cool anecdotes you can share with your time here?

A: I’ve had so much good food. I keep thinking about when I played Neon Lights there was like a huge thunderstorm here and I think the stage potentially wasn’t earthed properly? So we were not going on stage and this electrician climbed the stage and put something in and did all this crazy stuff and then we ended up going on stage. It was a crazy, crazy thunderstorm show, which I’ve never really done something like that before. After my very first show in Singapore I was meeting fans and this fan came up to me and said “I don’t feel like you sang ‘Shiver’ with enough emotion tonight. But I’m coming tomorrow night so could you just sing it a bit better tomorrow night?” And I was like “Wow, ballsy! Honest person.” I remember that very clearly.


Q: If you could collaborate with any artist, living or dead, who would it be and what song would you cover or what new song would you write with them?

A: Neil Young. And I don’t care, any song, I’d love to write a song with him or just sing with him he’s just like my hero.



To see how fun it was talking to her as well as the quick-fire round we played, check out the video below!

We would like to thank Universal Music, for giving us this awesome opportunity and wish Lucy all the best in her future endeavours!


Written by: Amanda

Edited by: Jac

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