“All of these, for what? Because of a puppy?”

Written by on May 23, 2019

As my first ever John Wick movie, boy was I not prepared for the raw carnage that follows the legendary hitman in John Wick 3. Picking up where the previous movie left off, John Wick 3 follows the titular character, wounded and surrounded by enemies, as he tries to find refuge from the vast reach of the High Table.


John Wick 3 took me on a ride of unfiltered but creative, and definitely entertaining violence that I didn’t know I needed to see. John Wick really put up an amazing show using his unrivalled ability to kill anyone and everyone with anything at hand, whether it be a knife, pencil or horse.


Without any context or knowledge of the world of John Wick whatsoever, it was actually pretty easy to slide into the world and story of the movie, with clear contextual clues in place of exposition explaining what was going on and who was who. The focus on several prominent members of the High Table like the Elder and Adjudicator, both of whom John wouldn’t have been able to just blaze through with guns and knives, also reinforced the size and influence of the High Table; an entity that’s much too vast and powerful for even John Wick to escape from, much less defeat.

Of course, Keanu Reeves’s smooth execution of the desperate uphill battles as Mr Wick really cemented his character as a badass on-screen throughout the numerous long takes in the movie. Overall, John Wick 3 was an amazing mesh of fun, gasp-inducing violence and incredible world building.

Written by: Lawerence Loh

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