Back with a Fresh, Radical Sound – The XX’s I See You Tour

Written by on August 15, 2017

They’ve outdone themselves yet again – The XX returns after a 5-year long hiatus with a fresh radical sound added into the mix!

The stage was set and ready to go at 7:10pm and Sampha was unforgettably one of the most mind-blowing opening acts I’ve seen! Sampha fired up the crowd with his synths and impressive high keys that echoed through the walls of the Indoor Stadium.

The restless fans were buzzing with anticipation, they were pouring in and nearly filled the entire stadium! After a brief wait, the lights dimmed and our favourite band walked onto the stage to get themselves ready.

Seconds later they kicked-off with the very first song off their first album: Intro. Everyone was losing their minds and screamed (as in tune as possible) along to the song.

They then played more songs like Crystalised, Islands and Dangerous, to name a few of their better known songs. Every beat they played was seemingly sync with the many strobe lights.

Oh and how could I not mention, their stage set was of course beyond aesthetically pleasing with mirror-panelled boxes in the middle which rebounded the strong lights all across the sea of fans. Their stage presence? EPIC.

Although shy introverts, the XX’s Romy Madley Croft and Jamie Smith both talked to the audience and were extremely humble and simply just great musicians. Romy even sang while playing solo on bass for the first time with us – it was truly mesmerising.

They continued to play and it was almost toward the end where Jamie said that he’s usually dedicate a song to all the couples in concert but since the tables have turned for him, he dedicated the next song to all the singles instead! Lucky me.

They played Jamie xx’s cover of Loud Places with Romy singing with him and Oliver Sim on the soundboard.

This was probably the best part of the concert because the lights went into this luminescent flow of the rainbow signifying Jamie xx’s album cover. The ambience was unforgettable, the crowd started to sway and dance to this amazing track.

Lastly the jaw-dropping trio ended with Angels and had the entire room singing along before we had to say our goodbyes.

Written by: Genine Sharma 


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