Beyerdynamic T 51p Review

Written by on June 1, 2016

The T 51p is an amazing pair of high-quality on-ear headphones that combines German engineering with high-quality materials to deliver a comfortable and full sounding listening experience on the go.

Usually, I tend to avoid on-ear headphones as the strong grip can be quite intolerable after long periods of usage, especially for a spectacle wearing person like myself. But such problems do not undermine the fact that the T 51p is a pair of fantastic on-ear headphones and if you are looking for one, look no further.

The headphones look sleek and cool with an aluminium headband and the comfortable leather ear pads mean that it remains comfortable despite long hours of usage. Being an on-ear headphone also means that it offers fantastic noise isolation, with the T 51p having barely any leakage on my daily commute on both the train and bus.

The T 51p sounds amazing as it manages to blend everything together in perfect harmony, allowing you to hear your favourite song in a way that you might not have heard it before. The sound was clear and precise, with the high frequencies bright and warm sounding. I used my own personal song as a test bed and the T 51p really let the hi-hats, claps and the brighter synths in my song shine out without being too annoying.

They have not forgotten about the lower range too. The bass was deep and clear, which gave it a strong presence, but not too much to overwhelm the entire mix. The mids were nice and warm with the synths really coming into play and making a presence for itself.

There are, however, some cons to the T 51p. I had expected the cable to be detachable for easy storage but it was fixed, making it a little clumsy when it comes to storage. The headphones also have cables on both sides rather than just one, which makes it flimsy and unpleasant at times as the cable can coil together.

The headphones also grip quite firmly onto the head, which is a good thing as it means that it does not slip off easily. However, people who wear spectacles may find it painful and tiring after prolong periods of usage as the headphone band presses quite strongly against your temple. While the headphone drivers really open up the frequency range, delivering great and distinct clarity across the range, it might just be too bright for some and may be annoying after a while.

Other than that, the T 51p really is a fantastic pair of headphones. It sounds great, it is portable and it comes with its own protective case for storage. It simply does not get any better than this.

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