Picture this, 4 rectangular portals to magical and mystical galaxies, forests, volcanic pits and eruptions of plumes of smoke cued exactly on the beat to the music. That was part of the spectacle that was the Bazzi concert right here in Singapore at the star vista theatre. The American singer, songwriter, producer and rapper took […]

The walls are the colour of faded copper, representing how Copper Chimney is preserving its traditions, but also progressing and transitioning into a contemporary look, feel and most importantly, taste. Opened in 2012, Copper Chimney has since gotten a new look and Halal certification. When Karisha and I first started eating, Karisha commented on how […]

After a long week, I had the pleasure of spending my Friday night going to the Esplanade to attend Kim Leonn’s debut album launch, ‘Commune’. To say that it was incredibly immersive, relaxing and beautiful to listen to was an understatement, it was almost as if the music had transported me completely into a whole […]

My first ever Cirque du Soleil show left me speechless and at the edge of my seat. The franchise has always had a plethora of shows and this time it was named KURIOS – Cabinet of Curiosities. We had the privilege of catching the show a day before it was opened to the public. I […]

Our much anticipated and long awaited Netflix collaborative event has come and gone and we could not be happier with how it all went down. It was like Christmas came early with the number of goodies we had to give out to our lucky winners. The screening was rather special as it felt like a […]

When I first heard about Whabby, I thought- why’d they choose such an interesting name for the carnival. I knew I shouldn’t miss out on this carnival for anything and without any regret – I’m glad I went for it. So I went, on a wet Saturday morning to SCAPE and expected a crowd of […]

“Some people think I talk too much, talk too fast, talk too loudly”- this practically means you’re right at home at Radio Heatwave, AndreaH! As we interviewed her, she shared about her seemingly shady misdiagnosis of ADHD, and her competitiveness when it came to RAPID FIRE questions (she did the best so far, and answered […]

  I really don’t know where to start so I’ll just say if you want a wild ride of a night I’ll point you towards Sing-Lang 2019.  First off, I didn’t even know the entire event would be in Chinese, so that was a mild source of confusion. No regrets though, as I saw the […]

ULTRA was sick. No- I mean like literally because the day before the festival the worst fever hit my body (it wasn’t really the worst but I have a penchant for dramatic flair). However, the moment I entered the venue, all that melted away. I’m seriously being 100% honest in saying that the energy was […]

Everything was definitely alright at the Dean Lewis showcase organized by Universal Music. The setting was intimate and cosy at the scape tree top with complimentary drinks to set the mood. The Australian singer was cute and casual making light-hearted conversations with the audience before every song. He gave the audience some fun facts about […]

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