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Intriguing, thought-provoking, just amazing, is the only way I can describe how the performance of Crowd by Gisèle Vienne was. I had the honour of being invited to watch Crowd which was only showing on 1 and 2 June at Victoria Theatre as part of the Singapore International Festival of Arts (SIFA).   Crowd is […]

Coming from a background of drama and theatre, I’ve always found joy in watching plays and observing how other actors embody their characters, which is why I was thrilled to be given the opportunity to watch this play. I didn’t do much research about the play before attending it because I wanted to be completely […]

The whole concept for Bedtime Stories seems a little suspect at first. A group of strangers bundled into a bus going to a mysterious secret location to listen to a guy read a bedtime story? Strange. I guess it’s this culmination of factors that made it such a fascinating experience. The crisp British accent of […]

Radio Heatwave’s very own conty was graced by a pioneer in globalising Singapore’s local music: Mike Spinks, founder of CITY65 Music, and subsequently, WHABBY Music. Coming over to tell us more about the upcoming WHABBY Music Carnival, it was easy to see how he managed to found and build up both organisations with his endearing, […]

To me, Ed Sheeran’s concert can really only be described with one word: surreal. This is an artist I had closely followed for years, as I’m sure many of us have. Having the opportunity to see one of the biggest names in music live was such an incredibly cathartic experience to me, and I didn’t […]

  Lauv Asia Tour 2019 (Singapore)   Adrenaline Yet again, Radioheatwave swoops in with an opportunity to catch Lauv perform live in Singapore. I was extremely happy, given that I had not gotten tickets before they were sold out (twice!)  I remember fondly how I discovered Ari, or more widely known as Lauv, through a […]

A Night To Remember: 28-year-old Australian born singer made his debut performance in Singapore on the 4 May 2019. Fans quickly filled up the Star Theatre as they eagerly awaited the arrival of their favourite human being. Eager fans prepared for the concert by draping themselves with pride flags and even with fairy lights. Though, to […]

The summery of four days the OBS (Outdoor Broadcasting System) blasted away was Hot, humid and nearly unbearable. These were all-day affairs, soaking up the heat from 10 am -6 pm at The FMS Lobby – ‘See you there!’   Walking past the booth on the way to class at 10 am in the morning […]

Pre-Gala Night When the opportunity to catch The Phantom of The Opera on Gala night came around the morning of the event, I was undeniably thrilled. The Phantom of the Opera is one of my favourite musicals of all time. I remember fondly belting out to “Wishing you were somehow here again”, a beautifully composed […]

I wanna start this off by saying I’m not being paid to say this but I really did have fun and it’s something you should definitely watch if you’re into being happy but if you’re not like that I hope you’re okay. I’m gonna admit I was abit hesitant to watch The Truth. It was […]

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