Ford Vs Ferrari follows Carol Shelby, racing legend turned car manufacturer, and Ken Miles, gifted driver and engineer, through their contributions to Ford’s GT40 victory against Ferrari’s 330 P3 in the race ’24 hours of Le Mans’ from 1966 to 1969.

Theodore Robert Bundy. Commonly known as Ted Bundy. Was he really this psychopathic killer and pathological liar? “What if, just what if, he really was innocent?” That was how I felt throughout the movie till- (no spoilers!) While we all know that Ted Bundy was an infamous, ruthless killer, the movie made me doubt what […]

As my first ever John Wick movie, boy was I not prepared for the raw carnage that follows the legendary hitman in John Wick 3. Picking up where the previous movie left off, John Wick 3 follows the titular character, wounded and surrounded by enemies, as he tries to find refuge from the vast reach of […]

What do I even begin to say about this movie? Before sitting down to write this blog I have gushed about this movie to every other person who has mentioned it. Based on a true story Hotel Mumbai depicts the horrific terror attacks that happened in the famous Taj hotel in Mumbai. 10 members of […]

Either you or your friend has experienced it before. The feeling of being in a friendship that involves love that isn’t mutual. Is it worth it to cross the platonic lines and risk your friendship? Or will you just let it be? Friendzone is the latest romantic comedy to come out of Thailand as of […]

A mother’s love knows no limits. if it means trudging into the depths of an eerie forest, entering the heart of a threatening crater or enduring haunting dreams of your child, a mother will go through it all to save her child.   Hole in the ground follows the story of Sarah and her son […]

We all know how hard people in long distance relationships have it. The constant ache of missing someone you love so much, not getting to see them every day, not being able to hold their hand, hug them or even kiss them to express just how much they mean to you. Imagine feeling that way […]

Having only the two main characters talk for the entirety of a movie is a huge gamble. But that gamble paid off for Victor Levin. Starring two of Hollywood’s most adored stars, “Destination Wedding” explores the feelings of middle-aged adults who are cynical about love. Being middle-aged and single, comes with its own set of […]

Maybe not reeeeeeeeeally reviving them, but close. Standing at the entrance of the event, it’s hard not to get caught up in the moment; flanked by two towering stone pillars, and rust-encrusted lettering reading out ‘JURASSIC WORLD’, you can’t help but at least hum the iconic tune as you pass on through, or maybe that’s […]

Aren’t there just days when you walk into school, feeling like you are not worthy of the clothes you wear, your legs are too plump to squeeze into your pants or your makeup just looks horrible on you. Step into the shoes of August Pullman (Auggie) as you follow him through his middle school journey […]

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