Copper Chimney food tasting experience

Written by on July 18, 2019

The walls are the colour of faded copper, representing how Copper Chimney is preserving its traditions, but also progressing and transitioning into a contemporary look, feel and most importantly, taste. Opened in 2012, Copper Chimney has since gotten a new look and Halal certification. When Karisha and I first started eating, Karisha commented on how Aidan, the social media manager who was sick that day, would’ve loved this place.

The smell of spices and the idea of North Indian, Indian Chinese food was so appealing- and we got even hungrier as the drinks were served. The refreshing Lime Soda ($5.00) was sweet and savoury, and with hints of plum to whet your appetite. If you’re planning to eat a lot there(which definitely we did), I recommend getting the Lime Soda as a drink to complement your meal!

My personal favourite was Salmon Fish Masala ($18.00). Cooked in Copper Chimney’s custom made tandoor, the salmon is flavourful and full of depth. The owner of the restaurant also shared how it is cooked in 400°C, and chicken is more commonly found in this dish as the main ingredient, and it is firmer and less likely to fall apart when placed in the pot. The skill required to cook this dish and the charred taste of the Salmon Fish Masala made it a chart-topper for me!

The owner was really friendly and accommodating, and I got to learn how to make Naan there as well… (It was a very challenging process, and I was told I looked like I was caressing the dough than rolling it out…)

Cooking aside, I would love to go to Copper Chimney again, and Karisha even said that she would bring her entire family there!


Written by: Adalia Goh

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