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Having only the two main characters talk for the entirety of a movie is a huge gamble. But that gamble paid off for Victor Levin.

Starring two of Hollywood’s most adored stars, “Destination Wedding” explores the feelings of middle-aged adults who are cynical about love. Being middle-aged and single, comes with its own set of troubles. By adding a wedding into the mix, Victor Levin has created an eccentric movie about two people who are disillusioned about love but ending up falling for each other anyway.

Lindsay (Winona Ryder) and Frank (Keanu Reeves) meet at an airport on their way to a destination wedding. Little do they know, they are headed for the same wedding and coincidentally have a shared hatred for the groom. But that’s where their similarities end. Frank, despite his tough exterior, grew up with a rough childhood and has sworn off love to ensure a “stress-free” life for himself. Lindsay, although raised by optimists and loving parents, had her heart broken weeks before her own wedding, ironically by the groom-to-be at the destination wedding. As messed up as it seems, her motive in attending the wedding is to gain “closure”.

Keanu Reeves as Frank and Winona Ryder as Lindsay

Winona Ryder and Keanu Reeves reunite in this not so ordinary rom-com. This being their 4th movie together and the 3rd where they play lovers, it’s no wonder the pair made it work with their quirky one-liners. You can tell through the screen that they are genuinely just having a good time together.

Though the plotline runs a little cheesy with dull dialogue at times, it is still an amazing movie that makes you forget you’re only listening to Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder throughout the movie’s hour and a half run time. It’s a great movie for all you hopeless romantics but also for those who are a tad too sceptical for love. It injects just the right amount of reality into a romantic comedy, yet still makes you believe in the power of love.

“Destination Wedding” is a feel-good movie that will make you laugh and also relate to the struggles of the characters.

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