Does Krampus leave us with cramps?

Written by on December 10, 2015

In Cinemas: 3rd December
Running Time: 1h 38 min
Rating: 3/5 stars

Dysfunctional family? Check.

Alcoholic aunt? Check.

Superstitious Grandmother who doesn’t speak English for half the film? Check.

Kid who still believes in Christmas even though he knows santa ‘doesn’t exist’ (Pfft we all know he’s real) but gets made fun of because his other cousins are older and are big bullies? Check.

Ancient evil spirit summoned? Check.

Evil Gingerbreadman/Snowman/Clown/Flying doll? Double check.

Dog? Check.

Confused? Well at first so were we.

Krampus is a Christmas film but it’s not a feel good Christmas movie. It is rather a dark twist on the popular holiday and not a bad movie overall.

The questions above sort of answer what kind of elements there were in the film, so we’re just going to skip that whole bit.

What we’re going to address is the feel of the film. When we stepped into the cinema we were prepared to get scared like dude it’s santa’s evil twin that’s pretty creepy. But what we weren’t prepared for was the frankness of the film.


 You know how in every kid/Christmas horror film things always work out in the end and all the happily ever after stuff happens? Well throw that out of the window because Krampus himself is one messed up evil spirit.

There is no coming back to life in this film. EVERYONE dies in the end. Fighting back doesn’t work, running away doesn’t work and even begging for forgiveness has no effect on anything. You would expect all this in a horror film yes but here is the messed up part. An entire Family (actually more people because the entire street the family lived in was affected) gets sent to the underworld because ONE KID lost hope in Christmas.

In short yes a kid tears up a letter, throws it in the snow and accidentally unleashes a being so ancient nothing can stop it, not even a kid begging for forgiveness.

This was exactly what we loved with this film. Even though there were so many ridiculous elements involved (evil gingerbreadman and kids turning into snowmen) and of course the standard horror movie cliché of the dog going after the evil spirit and meeting its demise, the movie saved this all by making an absolute joke out of itself but at the same time highlighting the predicament that one family was in.

The film teaches a very valuable lesson by highlighting the fact that in life, there are no second chances and just because you are a kid, doesn’t mean saying sorry will fix anything.

We absolutely loved the ending of this one and if there is one movie you plan on watching this Christmas, let it be Krampus. Great thanks to United International Pictures for the opportunity!

Photo credits: United International Pictures

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