Hole in the Ground

Written by on April 3, 2019

A mother’s love knows no limits. if it means trudging into the depths of an eerie forest, entering the heart of a threatening crater or enduring haunting dreams of your child, a mother will go through it all to save her child.


Hole in the ground follows the story of Sarah and her son Christopher and their new life in rural Ireland. Not too far away from their new home is a treacherous sinkhole that seems to have an effect on Christopher. Sarah begins to notice behavioural changes in her son, ones only a mother could pick up on. She becomes paranoid and uneasy while interacting with her son, unable to recognise the boy she loves. After all, mother knows best.

Sarah is left helpless when no one believes that the one person who keeps her sane is driving her to madness. When her colleague, her doctor and even her son’s teacher are convinced she is off the deep end she takes matters into her own hands. Her determination triumphs her fear of her son and she goes to lengths to dispel this monster possessing her only child.


The movie is bone-chilling, nail-biting yet heartwarming coupled with great cinematic direction that tastefully leaves you at the edge of your seat or cowering under your jacket.


Hole in the ground is a much watch for thrill seekers who love a good scare. Praise must be given to James Quinn Markey for his phenomenal performance as Chris. It is remarkable to see a child at such a young age in such a sinister and dark role. James is definitely a child star worth looking out for.



I give this movie a good ⅗ stars!


Written by: Karisha Partabrai

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