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Lauv Asia Tour 2019 (Singapore)



Yet again, Radioheatwave swoops in with an opportunity to catch Lauv perform live in Singapore. I was extremely happy, given that I had not gotten tickets before they were sold out (twice!) 

I remember fondly how I discovered Ari, or more widely known as Lauv, through a friend. We were studying for our end-of-year exams as one of his songs were queued in her Spotify playlist. It was then that I began to fall in love with his music and his amazing talent.

I was going to watch him live and it was such an exciting thing.

Breathe Shayanne, breathe.



Now, let me start off in saying that my concert experience at Lauv was truly one of a kind. I went alone for Lauv, which although it might seem rather sad, it was actually a lovely affair. Throughout the night, I was able to take in the different sights and watch as little pockets of special moments took place during the concert, and it was truly such a unique feat to me.

Prior to the start of the show, which was opened by the incredibly talented bülow, one sight that caught my eye was a really nice security guy going around helping fans take pictures before the show. I’ve never seen security try to interact with fans before, if not to stop them from pulling artists off the stage (fans can get pretty excited) but this was new to me. So thank you, unnamed security guy, you are one of the unsung Superheroes of the night.

Of course, how could we miss the man of the night himself, Lauv, who spent his nights showering his fans with love and praises, taking a moment in the concert to say “Everybody drink some water now” and telling his fans in Singapore about how awesome they were (we feel the warmth!)

The concert was undeniably a wholesome one, radiating positive energy in the atmosphere- I really really loved it. Lauv kickstarted the night with his latest release Drugs & The Internet, jumping and hyping the crowd before taking us through a night of his much-loved music.

His set, in particular, was minimal but extremely effective in bringing out his aesthetic. It took shape of two big boxes where Rob and Jed (who plays with Lauv) played their respective instruments. The boxes were lit with colourful LED lights, with strobes and flashes dancing according to the tunes of Lauv’s songs. A visual treat added to accompany the music and complete the concert experience.

I love all of Ari’s songs, so it would be very hard to choose favourites. But most definitely the enjoyable ones for the night would be bracelet with the crowds joining in singing the choruses with Lauv and Breathe with the amazing sea of fans holding up their phone flashlights to evoke an amazing sense of love and belonging.


Come Back Home

Lauv ended off his last day for his Asia Tour in Singapore with a very iconic song from his album I Met You When I Was 18 (The Playlist). As he serenaded his fans, gorgeous rainbow streaks of light lit the stage and danced across Capitol Theatre. “-I like me better when I’m with you.” and the lights go out. This amazing night has come to an end.

Thank you Radioheatwave, and as I write this, i’m so tired as I am on my way home on this train ride. But I’m thinking about how lucky I am to be in this position. I have always admired Lauv and adored his music, so to be able to catch him live was my happiest and best concert experience of all time.

So until next time Lauv, perhaps one day (one can dream) I may be able to watch you again or even meet you in person. For now, it’s not over.

The Story Never Ends.


Written by: Shayanne Chang

Edited by: Adalia Goh


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