Written by on May 22, 2019

We had ex-royal pirates member James in-studio with us promoting his latest single “the light” that hit number 2 on Itunes! James was nice enough to open up to us about his tragic injury back in 2015. James has the misfortune of having a glass door fall on him while he was in a restaurant in Korea, causing him to suffer severe damage to his wrist and shoulder. The accident costed James as he lost the ability to play the bass guitar and was forced to leave the bad he was a part of due to medical reasons. He shared how he overcame it with music that he’d written post-accident.


James was such a joy to have in the studio and had many life lessons to impart to Aidan, Adalia and I about being our age and facing a struggle. He was as lovely as he was tall.

He even gushed about his dog Jerry whom we all really want to meet now. Thanks for stopping by James and kudos on your amazing come back!


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