“JAWN” shines through the “Dark”: EP Review

Written by on November 17, 2015


Rating: 4/5 Stars

An honest playlist of five separate melodies interwoven in stories and truths, local singer-songwriter JAWN’s self-titled EP has proven solid. His (and his band’s) presence graced the crowd at Andsoforth on 13 November 2015 for his EP launch. A designer himself, album art and wooden boxes containing a USB of songs were painstakingly handcrafted individually, no one like the other.

Whether it is a quirky, upbeat folk (“Fade to Black”) or a blues-like track that builds up in strings and perfectly-blended backing vocals (“Fugue”), JAWN’s delicate songwriting and vocals will leave you with the thoughts of hanging on/letting go, fear/courage, waiting/searching, promise/uncertainty.

“Because sometimes you just need to sit in front of a slightly detuned piano, press record without a metronome, and just sing.” – were the words spoken as he released the music video for “Chase Away The Dark”. The story told with the aid of visuals comes together beautifully and tugs at heartstrings.

Check out the music video for “Chase Away The Dark” below:





The EP is the kind of music you can listen on hours on end, and still experience something different each time. At just the gentle plucking of a guitar, his breaths are as the song breathes – natural and progressive.

JAWN sings with quiet soul and a kind of unassuming elegance that carries throughout the EP. While you listen, you see him singing, smiling, perhaps wistfully – and you believe him.

You can check out more of JAWN at his following social media accounts:
Facebook: www.facebook.com/jawnchan
Instagram: @jawnchan
Twitter: @jawnchan
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/thetumbleweedproject

Purchase JAWN – EP at:

Purchase “Chase Away The Dark” on iTunes:

Also available on Apple Music.

Featured Photo Credits: Jensin Ching

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