Knightingale: Whabby! carnival

Written by on May 27, 2019

Just last Thursday on All Things Considered, we had local rock band Knightingale in the studio with us to promote their performance at Whabby Carnival on 22 June and share their story starting out as a niche band in Singapore. The 3 members – Ashwin, Ben and Jiv – came into the studio excited but nervous for this little interview with us.

Rather confused at their band name, we wondered how cute small birds were related to the music genre rock. Turns out their name ’Knightingale’ was formed because Ashwin liked birds but also wanted to sound cooler and more “kickass”, hence the K before nightingale.

The band shared how it all started on an app, like a dating app, but for music where people would put up posts looking for musicians for their bands or projects. The trio met there, originally with members Ashwin, Kharil and Deon, but split not too long ago.

Determined to continue Knightingale’s music, Ashwin found Ben and Jave and started making music of their own together. Since then, they have released the single “White Shadow” in 2018 and have loads more exciting things lined up this year such as their performance at the Whabby Carnival and a new single in July!

Though it was just a short hour or so, Cliffton and I learnt so much from them about pursuing what you truly are passionate about and many more wise life lessons from Jiv about taking yourself out of the box and thinking of how it would be like inside the box, not the other way round.

Thanks for stopping by, Knightingale, and all the best! We can’t wait to see what you guys have upcoming and we’ll see you at Whabby Carnival!

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