Love is dead?

Written by on September 20, 2017

You clearly haven’t seen West Side Story.

This modern era Romeo and Juliet has shot right through our hearts (spoiler alert: like how it did one of the characters)! Despite the love story, the friendship between the boys and the want to restore peace in the area were such highlights of the performance, we couldn’t pick a favourite!

Set in 1950s New York, the sets were huge and crazy realistic! It was so strong that the cast could even perform while it was moving.

With lively songs and vibrant colors that flooded the stage in every different set, we have just got to mention our top 3 favourites of the show.


Dance-off! between Riff (left) and Bernardo (right)

Top 1: Dance-off!

The dance battle between the Sharks and the Jets is totally KABOOMZ. The clash in dancing styles and the different vibes both groups unleashed to the same song literally tore our eyes apart as we tried to take in the action-packed scenes. It was so intense that Jac was on the edge of her seat (internally) screaming for Riff half the time!


Longing separation in Tonight

Top 2: Tonight

Belting out high notes one after another, “Tonight”, romance is in the air. If you are in for the cheesiest scene, then you will surely love this. We fell heads over heels for the beautiful harmonies created by Tony and Maria, it left us shivering with goosebumps as the song came to an end with the set parting the two love-birds.


“The most beautiful sound I ever heard, Maria.”

Top 3: Maria

How can a girl not fall in love when the bae dedicates a song truly to her, repeating her name over and over again with so much passion? Tony touched our hearts as well as Maria’s with his heartfelt voice, conveying his infatuation with the beautiful lady.

At that moment, Jac and Amanda wanted to change their names to Maria…

A girl can dream ok?

Many thanks to BASE Entertainment for giving us the chance to watch it on the opening gala night. Tickets are selling fast till 30th September, be sure to catch it and you may very well find your one true love there!


We also had the chance to interview the cast members, Lance Hayes (as Riff), Marc Thomas Koeck (as Tony) and Natalie Ballenger (as Maria)!

Listen here for the full soundbite:


Written By: Jac


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