Mike Spinks: Whabby! carnival

Written by on May 27, 2019

Radio Heatwave’s very own conty was graced by a pioneer in globalising Singapore’s local music: Mike Spinks, founder of CITY65 Music, and subsequently, WHABBY Music. Coming over to tell us more about the upcoming WHABBY Music Carnival, it was easy to see how he managed to found and build up both organisations with his endearing, light-hearted charm and smooth, fruity voice (no this doesn’t have anything to do with fruit, look it up).  He shared with us bits of the origin of his own music career, and how he finally decided on his mission of bringing local musicians together onto one platform and community to share their love for music and creativity. He also gave us some insider information on WHABBY Music and the deceivingly simple but long and arduous process of settling on the name of a company.

Mike definitely had us endeared and we’re extremely excited to be the official campus radio sponsor for WHABBY Music Carnival, and even more excited for the amazing artists and musicians they have lined up for the carnival.


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