More Than Just A Smile: The Braces Practice

Written by on February 7, 2016

The Braces Practice
12A Lorong Mambong Holland Village
Singapore 277676

Opening Hours:
Tuesday-Friday: 11am – 9pm
Saturday: 9am – 5pm
Sunday: 9am – 1pm
Monday & Public Holidays: Closed

You may have heard of The Braces Practice via our shout outs on our social media accounts or via word of mouth. And we do mean what we caption in our social media accounts, because beneath the fun looking flat design collateral is a really dedicated and professional team of dentists, ready to tackle any problems with your teeth. Don’t let the name fool you – obviously, they don’t just specialise in just braces; if you do think that, well, we suggest you get both your teeth and your brain checked out as well – they’re a full fledged dental clinic.

The Braces Practice is nested cosily right above Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf at Holland Village. Just look for the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf at Holland Village, and look right up, and you should see the huge logo. With these directions, it didn’t take long for Clement and I to find the place, although we were embarrassingly late because we missed our stop when we took the bus from Ngee Ann Polytechnic.

(And speaking of Ngee Ann Polytechnic, regardless of whichever educational institution you are in, bonus: There’s a student special for all your broke students out there. Don’t worry, The Braces Practice’s student promotions will not deeply unnerve you. More details later.)


I’d describe the interiors of The Braces Practice as chill. When we stepped in, what I could say is that it’s minimalistic, spacey, and feels warm and welcoming. At the time of writing this review, it’s Chinese New Year season, so there’s plenty of angpows and other Chinese New Year decorations as well, but if you look around you’d be able to see some interesting touches filling up the walls.


I’d like to add that I am really really glad that The Braces Practice has a toilet. Do you know how annoying it is when you have to run half a kilometre just to find a toilet. Also if it just so happens that there’s a queue at this toilet, you can always pause right outside to admire and appreciate the handsome collage of famous people as well as their quotes right outside the toilet.


#firstworldproblems aside, the toilet is so chic and minimalistic (not to forget, VERY CLEAN), I fell in love. I find it extremely cute that there’s a pot of fake flowers as well.

Anyway, speaking of warm, welcoming and chill, this attitude is reflected amongst the staff who attended to Clement and I, especially the dentist. Dr Tay Xue Li is one half of the principal dentists at The Braces Practice; both she and the other principal dentist have had over 8 years of experience, so be assured that they will not get on your nerves. On the contrary, Dr Tay was so friendly and nice and so un-awkward and she made me feel very welcomed, so in spite of myself not having my teeth cleaned by a dentist in almost 4 years, I forgot to brace myself for the drilling and the scaling that was gonna come later (Ultimately I didn’t need to – read on).



I love how the interiors of this particular room is pink – it’s so pretty!!! Definitely not as drab looking as the other dentists I’ve been to. When was the last time you saw a pink chair at a dentist? The ones I’ve seen so far are pale blue, pale orange or pale beige. And those colours pale in comparison with the ones at The Braces Practice.



(I don’t know what these are, but look at all the colours – they’re so pretty!!! EDIT: Okay I heard they’re bands that go on your braces and that every dental clinic has them. Regardless THEY’RE STILL PRETTY.)


Anyway, Dr Tay was gonna do for Clement and I very basic cleaning and scaling. I went first.


As you can see I’m wearing this pair of goggles/sunglasses (I’m not really sure what they’re called). Regardless, I was really glad because goodness knows the number of dentists I’ve been to in primary and secondary school and having to shut my eyes and not see anything that’s happening because the light is too blinding.

I heaved a huge sigh of relief when Dr Tay said my teeth weren’t as bad as I thought they would be, because confession (warning: very gross): I sometimes don’t brush my teeth twice a day. Please don’t judge me.

But anyways, Dr Tay was really very warm, personable and friendly – during which she examined the status of my teeth, my gums and kept up a constant chatter with Clems’ questions as she cleaned my teeth. Despite her warnings that cleaning and scaling might hurt since I haven’t done it in a long time I didn’t feel any pain at all, which was really great!

Also Dr Tay really knew her stuff – after the entire cleaning and scaling she sat me down and told me how to brush my teeth (apparently, I’ve only been brushing the outside, which she hit right on the spot, because I’m superficial and I’ve been neglecting the insides of my teeth). The whole time she used this teeth model as well as a couple of toothbrushes to explain the rationale behind certain brush strokes as well as which toothbrushes don’t reach certain areas and which do and the importance of flossing. She also taught me a method as to how to reach the clean the inside of my wisdom tooth, which I’ve always had trouble having food getting stuck inside there and finding it hard to clean it out.

Then it was Clems’ turn for his teeth cleaning.


As usual, she was really warm and nice and friendly; this time she answered my questions and then she took Clems through on how to clean his teeth and what not. She also answered many other questions both Clems and I had – about Invisalign, tooth bleaching, the cost of braces, when we should get our wisdom teeth removed (p.s: for the guys, do it during NS, because it’s free).

All in all, Clems and I were very pleased. I remember Clems saying he felt some parts of his teeth felt weird but oddly great, and Dr Tay responded as to how it’s because after the cleaning and scaling the stubborn plague disappeared, which Clem said he was shocked as to how much of the plague there was. HAHAHA.

For myself, I’ve never went home with a brighter smile that day, literally.  Thank you Dr Tay! I didn’t have any complaints at all, which is really rare considering how much of a b**** I am and can be about services. I’d definitely come back for sure!

Anyway, as I mentioned just now, the really great thing about The Braces Practice is that they have student rates. On average you’d spend over $5,000 on braces, but at The Braces Practice you’d get them at merely $3,700. And that includes consultation, x-ray fees, a complimentary set of retainers and GST absorbed, and there’s monthly instalment plans as well!

So if you’re really broke like me and Clems you can always go find The Braces Practice for more info. 🙂 Check out their website at or email them at Thank you The Braces Practice for your warm hospitality and the teeth cleaning, it was gr9 (because gr8 is too little to describe your service)!!!

tl;dr: Impeccable service staff and standards + student rates available, would highly recommend. Thank you so much The Braces Practice!


Photos taken by a Canon Eos 70D, courtesy of Cam2Rent. Flash your Ngee Ann Polytechnic student card at Cam2Rent and get 10% off camera services!


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