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I never thought I would be able to meet Sabrina Carpenter, let alone interview her. Since I was 13, I have been listening to Sabrina’s music and I’ve even kept up with her TV shows and movies. So, there’s really no denying that I’m a huge fan of hers. During the entirety of the interview, […]

As my first ever John Wick movie, boy was I not prepared for the raw carnage that follows the legendary hitman in John Wick 3. Picking up where the previous movie left off, John Wick 3 follows the titular character, wounded and surrounded by enemies, as he tries to find refuge from the vast reach of […]

To me, Ed Sheeran’s concert can really only be described with one word: surreal. This is an artist I had closely followed for years, as I’m sure many of us have. Having the opportunity to see one of the biggest names in music live was such an incredibly cathartic experience to me, and I didn’t […]

Radio Heatwave welcomed some friends from Pathlight School into the Conty for a fun radio workshop. Each student prepared some questions to answer on-air with ur jocks before the visit. They got the chance to experience broadcasting from a Radio Station and talked about their favouriteSingaporeann food, what they want to be when they grow […]

With WWE Live in Singapore just around the corner, Radio Heatwave got the opportunity to be part of a phone conference call with WWE Superstar Drew McIntyre. Our jock and resident WWE fan, Matthew conversed withdrew over the phone in our very own studio. Drew did not hold back when talking to Matthew, he was […]

I got to sit down with rising teen pop star Bulow! As the winner of the 2019 Juno award for best breakthrough artist, she is definitely one to watch. With major names in the business having won that same award previously such as Drake, Avril Lavigne and The weekend she may just be the next […]

We had ex-royal pirates member James in-studio with us promoting his latest single “the light” that hit number 2 on Itunes! James was nice enough to open up to us about his tragic injury back in 2015. James has the misfortune of having a glass door fall on him while he was in a restaurant […]

After releasing her newest Ep with Afr Jr entitled “friendzone”, we got to sit down with darling J.M3. We got intel on the writing process of the EP, the friendship between her and AfroJr and how she got her start in music. Sweet as ever we loved chatting with her and branded her our newest […]

Jesse Ruben and Kyle Patrick, best known from The click 5, came down to the heatwave studio to have a chat with us. Kyle Patrick now manager to Jesse Ruben joined us to find out more about Jesse and his musical journey. Jesse shared with us his struggle of when he battled with Lyme disease […]

Radio Heatwave had the pleasure of interviewing 2 up and coming Singaporean artists Axel Brizzy & YAØ who have come together to bring us a Dance-Pop with a bit of a Hip-Hop twist, into something that you’d “Wanna Know”. Yes, their single is called “Wanna Know”. It’s smooth, it’s catchy, and it’s everything that you’d […]

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