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Written by on May 23, 2019

Radio Heatwave welcomed some friends from Pathlight School into the Conty for a fun radio workshop. Each student prepared some questions to answer on-air with ur jocks before the visit. They got the chance to experience broadcasting from a Radio Station and talked about their favouriteSingaporeann food, what they want to be when they grow up, who they admire and many more wholesome topics of conversation.


A popular interest amongst the student was with the public transportation system in Singapore, with many aspiring to be future bus captains of Singapore. This made for very interesting on-air conversation and numerous funny moments from many vibrant personalities.


The students cheered each other on from outside the conty as they heard their friends on-air. Some students even gave shout outs to their favourite teachers who guided them through tough times and those who never give up on them. More than just their impressive radio voices, several of them even showed off their dancing and singing chops as they let loose to the music and jammed out as all jocks do.

The students of Pathlight seemed to have a smashing good time living a day in the life of a Radio Heatwave jock. It was such a joy to see these students express interest in radio with such enthusiasm. Pathlight is always welcome at Radio Heatwave thanks for the amazing day and this great collaboration.

Written by: Karisha Partabrai

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